Diploma Programme (IB) Casvi studenst finalists in the “20/30 Challenge”.

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Alumnos de 2º Programa Diploma de Bachillerato Internacional de Casvi finalista del Concurso Reto 20/30

The aim of this challenge was to solve a challenge based on the 2030 agenda and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Specifically SDG 13 “Climate Action”. To do so, for the 20/30 Challenge, they had to answer the question: how to promote awareness, participation and debate on the role that young people and cultural and educational policies should play in climate urgency?

New edition of the 20/30 Challenge and new success in a competition for the students of the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi. This time it has been the European University of Madrid which has held this contest. A pedagogical challenge co-organised with the Asociación de Centros Autónomos de Enseñanza Privada (ACADE), in collaboration with the United Nations Association in Spain.

A total of 135 students took part. Among them a group of students from the 2nd year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Casvi whose work has been spectacular. The presentation of their project ended up as one of the three best among the 10 schools that participated.  But how was the development of this challenge? What were the objectives of this competition? What skills and competences did our students work on?

Development of the 20/30 Challenge

Each team was composed of a maximum of 10 students. During the challenge, each of them was accompanied by a tutor from their school and assisted by a mentor from the European University. Both played a vital role in motivating the team. They also nurtured the students’ interest in the problem they were tackling and encouraged research learning.

The students were given one day to develop their projects and/or their solution models. A day in which they had to be able to form a cohesive working team. Assess the potential and strengths of its members. Analyse the challenges they faced. And consider possible methods and strategies.

At the end of the day, each of the teams had to present their pitch for 5 minutes, with their solutions to the proposed challenge. They did so in front of a jury made up of members of the European University.

Alumnos de 2º Programa Diploma de Bachillerato Internacional de Casvi finalista del Concurso Reto 20/30

20/30 Challenge Objectives

The 20/30 Challenge has allowed us to approach the educational process through project work and the promotion of creative thinking. This ensures horizontal teaching, greater contextualisation and considerable learning.

From here, the objectives to be achieved were the following:

That participants solve together the problems or challenges posed through creative and innovative solutions.

Raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development and the challenges facing global society.

Promote social entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity among young people.

Promote justice, equality, solidarity and human rights.

Stimulate cooperative thinking. Also the awareness of global citizenship to promote collective action. All of this around the new global sustainable development agenda signed by 193 countries in 2015.

And to empower young people to take an active role in society and become agents of change that contribute to social progress and build a more sustainable model of society.

Skills and competences worked on through the 20/30 Challenge

  1. Capacity to organise and plan.
  2. Decision-making.
  3. Learning, adaptive and leadership skills.
  4. Critical thinking skills.
  5. Capacity for creativity.
  6. Ability to cope with stressful situations.
  7. And the ability to work in a team.


Alumnos de 2º Programa Diploma de Bachillerato Internacional de Casvi finalista del Concurso Reto 20/30