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Son muchas y diversas las ventajas que propicia la experiencia de vivir en el extranjero. Ventajas de las que se benefician los alumnos internacionales en Casvi.

There are many and varied advantages to the experience of studying abroad. Advantages that international students benefit from at Casvi.  Among them, living new experiences, getting to know other cultures, learning to be self-sufficient or preparing for the needs of the international labour market of the 21st century… Reasons enough for young people from all continents to decide to live a unique experience that they will never forget at Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School

Our main mission is to help our students grow personally and intellectually. The objective is clear; to help them achieve a real advantage at university, in the world of work, or in any real-life situation through the detection and development of talent. And to do so with an entrepreneurial spirit and an ethical commitment to our society.

International students. International Baccalaureate and global competence

Internationality at Casvi infers a global competence where cultural exchange, recognition of diversity, acceptance and mutual respect make up our DNA. Life at Casvi is an experience that undoubtedly transforms the lives of our students.

Students come to Casvi from different countries: China, Venezuela, Russia, USA, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Honduras… And each one of them has a personal story to tell.

MÓNICA (Venezuela)

“I came to Spain to do 3rd Grade of Secondary Education but, in a pandemic, I went back to my country. The best thing is that I continued teaching at Casvi, in this case, online. At the end of the confinement, which in my case was one year, I returned to Casvi to study the Diploma Programme. I love this school and the methodology because it makes it easy for me to choose the subjects I want to study. Also, it has helped me a lot to establish a connection with the rest of my classmates. What do I like the most? Although we speak the same language, there are many cultural differences. Knowing what makes us different from each other”.


“I was born and lived in the USA most of my life. We moved back three years ago because of my parents’ jobs and to be with family again. The change was great. The teachers helped me a lot to catch up with the subjects and to speak Spanish better. Also, I like the way of working here much better. In class we learn everything by playing. Living in two different countries has given me confidence, new skills, including languages… I recommend it because you can learn different cultures”.

LAURA (Dominican Republic)

“I have only been in Spain and in Casvi for two months. Although I was born in the Dominican Republic, I have been living in Dubai for some years. We missed being able to speak with people of the same language. They speak English and Arabic there, but only me, my sister and my father understand them. Although you start from scratch and it is difficult at the beginning, I am adapting very well to my new life here because all my colleagues are open-minded and welcome new people very well. They are always respectful to me. The teachers are also looking out for me and constantly ask me if I have questions”.

KEVIN (China)

“I have been living in Spain since 3rd grade Primary School. My adaptation was good because I was able to learn everything quickly. Also because my classmates were very kind to me. It’s true that in Spain people are generally very open. I also love studying at Casvi. I never get bored. That’s why I chose to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The classes are very practical. The important thing is to know how to apply theory to real life and I like that”.

Accommodation possibilities for international students

In the event that our international students arrive at Casvi with their families, they are offered two accommodation options:

Stay in our female and male residences, located on our Tres Cantos campus, attended at all times by educators. Internal transfer between both campuses. All of this with full board. In addition to the activities inherent to the school year itself, life at the Casvi International American School Residence offers a wide variety of fun and interesting social and cultural activities.

Host families. Homestay with families from our school, through an exhaustive selection process for maximum affinity.

Benefits of an international experience

It’s obvious that studying abroad has many advantages. Here are the six most important reasons why it is so important to embark on an international student experience:

-To live a new adventure that takes you into the unknown. A circumstance that stimulates the brain, broadens horizons and gives you new resources to face reality.

-Learning to be self-sufficient by fulfilling the obligations you take on. Understanding the new rules that surround you will be one of your greatest learning experiences.

-Learning another language and being able to communicate in another language in your day-to-day international experience.

-Getting to know another culture. The best way to broaden horizons.

-Acquire new skills and develop very useful competences to succeed in the 21st century labour market: flexibility, ability to adapt and manage uncertainty…