International Baccalaureate: an excellent baccalaureate for everyone

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Alumnos trabajando de forma colaborativa en Casvi con Metodología Bachillerato Internacional

Not many years ago, studying International Baccalaureate was something intended only for the best students. But nowadays, thanks to the IB Program Continuum, some schools in our country make, from the age of 3, this methodology available for all their students.  This allows them to increase the percentage of having access to this brilliant curriculum. The IB Programme Continuum reaches not only the student, but also the teachers ar the school. The applied methodology opens up a world full of possibilities and benefit as it offers the following:

  • It prepares students for life by facing challenges and real situations from an early age.
  • By offering an individualized education, it stimulates their curiosity for research.
  • It encourages students to think independently and be the drivers of their own learning, fostering their critical thinking and self-discipline, which will help them to be prepared for adulthood.
  • It helps them become more aware of cultural differences by learning new languages, which allows them to relate to others in a more globalized and rapidly changing world.

In conclusion, the IB Program Continuum enables an international education that encourages students to achieve their academic and personal goals, leading them not only to excel in their studies, but also to their personal growth. We are referring to the P.Y.P (Primary Years Program), the M.Y.P (Middle Years Programme) and the Diploma Program.

In continuous change

Since 1985, the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi has had innovation and educational quality in its DNA. That is why today it is among the few schools in Spain that has implemented the three Programs of the International Baccalaureate, raising to the maximum exponent the goals of each of them. ‘We educate students who are aware of the need to collaborate in the difficult task of making our planet a peaceful place within the framework of mutual understanding and intercultural respect’, says Pablo Martín, Head of Studies at this school.

Thanks to this commitment to the IB Continuum, optimal coherence and coordination are achieved to provide quality teaching from an early age. ‘Inquiring, expressing, presenting and sharing allows them to achieve a quality education from the first year of life. Thanks to this, they end up acquiring a series of values, skills, contents and multiple competencies, which are essential to personal, emotional and professional development in the future’.

‘From the early age of 3, we face challenges in Musical and Visual Arts, Sports, Robotics, Drama…we know that by working collaboratively we are able to apply learning as a culmination of processes, to real situations and contexts’, adds the Head of Studies of this school.  In this way, the educational process develops within this IB methodology, in a constructivist work environment, based on the search for information through a wide variety of resources.

The fruits of the method

‘The opportunity we have to model the attributes of the International Baccalaureate profile since the age of 3 really contributes to our students being inquirers, good communicators, knowledgeable, principled, balanced, thinkers, risk-takers, open-minded, caring and reflective. Attributes that also promote an international, responsible and human mentality, which goes beyond the knowledge that has traditionally been learned in school’, continues Pablo Martín.

Thus, in Casvi, teaching and learning approaches are developed throughout the PYP and MYP Programmes, making students with various skills, suitable candidates well-prepared to follow the demanding Diploma Program. It is also worth noting that this program that is recognized all over the world and opens the doors to some of the best universities in the world.  ‘The future our students want, and who last school year got an average access mark to university of 11.72, he concludes. Many students at this school choose to study at universities outside our country: London College of Fashion (VAL), Manchester University, Linderwood University, Oxford Brookes and Lancaster University are some examples of their choices last year.