Be TalentSTEAM: Casvi runner-up in the 3rd Socially Innovative Ideas Competition!

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Alumnos de Casvi en el Concurso Be TalentSTEAM de Ideas Socialmente Innovadoras

Competition organised by the Excellence in Management Club and the Capgemini Foundation. One of the main objectives was to promote talent and Steam vocations.

Our 2nd Grade students have achieved this runner-up in the 3rd Be TalentSTEAM Socially Innovative Ideas Competition with their work “Water Drop”. This project has been carried out jointly with students from IES Velázquez de Móstoles.

In addition to this good news, there is also a second piece of good news. Of the ten finalist teams at the final gala held today, three came from the teamwork of these two schools. The groups “Budy” and “Equipo Futuro” were also there defending their proposals. Congratulations to all of them for their great performance!

“Water Drop” is a project with which our students seek to achieve drinking water in disadvantaged countries, and more specifically, in African countries. The idea is to use the water that is in a gaseous state in the atmosphere through a condensation system. This condensed water is channelled to reservoirs and then purified. An idea that has impressed the jury because of its social and environmental repercussions and its aid to Third World countries.

Be TalentSTEAM

The Be TalentSTEAM project is a collaborative platform that seeks to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into education and the social sphere. To this end, the Club Excelencia en Gestión and the Capgemini Foundation have encouraged students from 1st and 2nd Grade of Secondary Education to participate in this Socially Innovative Ideas Competition to respond, with their projects, to some of these SDGs. The project developed by our winning team was, for example, totally related to Health, by trying to prevent children from drinking contaminated water.

It should be noted that the teams were made up, in equal parts, of students from two twinned schools, one public and the other private or subsidised. In our case, the private international school Eurocolegio Casvi and the IES Velázquez de Móstoles.

These projects have also been worked on collaboratively in various face-to-face workshops run by mentors from the Be TalentSTEAM partner network. Workshops on communication and marketing, mathematics and social action.

Casvi’s objectives with its participation in the 3rd Socially Innovative Ideas Competition

With the participation of our 1st and 2nd Grade students, for the third consecutive year, in this Be TalentSTEAM Contest, we have sought several objectives:

-Promote talent, creativity and innovation to promote sustainable technological education.

-To encourage professionals from the sectors involved to share knowledge and create disruptive educational ecosystems that enhance the skills and qualities of these young people.

-Reducing social gaps by using STEAM training as an educational lever.

-To awaken a greater number of female vocations in technological and engineering careers.

-And that the future professional development of the students allows them to be more employable in the future.

One of the main objectives is to promote talent and STEAM vocations.