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Escuela de Fútbol 7 Casvi

Casvi 7-a-side football school has just started its journey in the league championship. A debut that has come with a victory (Los Yimis 2- Eurocolegio Casvi 7). A match in which there were very different parts. While in the first half everything went very evenly (tied at two at half time), in the second half our team came out with a different mentality and that was noticeable in the final result.

History of the Casvi 7-a-side Football School

Our Casvi 7-a-side football school has been competing in different official championships for several years now. And it has done so with undoubted success, and our players have had the happy experience of reaching the top three.

The School of Football 7-a-side is made up of the most experienced pupils of our School of Football and they are currently competing in the Móstoles League.

Football 7-a-side is also one of the most popular and sought-after sports in our sports schools. In addition to this, it is currently the standard adopted worldwide in competitions for young children because of its great sporting benefits. They play the ball more often, learn faster, and make more decisions throughout the game. In addition, concentration increases as the ball is never far away. Children are therefore more involved in the game, as they have to perform more movements and exercises, which makes them appreciate the activity much more.

Casvi Sport

“Mens sana in corpore sano” would be our maxim regarding the concept of Sport that we have at Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School. Our objective has always been and always will be the cultivation of mind, body and soul in order to achieve balance. One of the attributes of the profile of the International Baccalaureate, IB working methodology implemented in our school.

In order to achieve this, Casvi encourages the practice of sport, both inside and outside school hours, as in the case of the Casvi 7-a-side Football School.

Sport has clear benefits in the education and integral development of children, which go beyond health and physical fitness. These include the development of the three Ps (important life lessons for adult life):

  1. Constant practice to improve both athletically and personally.
  2. Patience to be able to see results gradually.
  3. And persistence to never give up in the face of failure or any kind of difficulty.

Sport also fosters leadership skills; stimulates teamwork; reduces stress; improves self-esteem; enhances social relationships; and helps to be more productive.

Alumnos haciendo Natación en Casvi

One step further: Casvi Football Academy

Casvi Football Academy is a High Performance Football Academy which aims to give young people from all over the world the opportunity to combine their sporting growth with quality education.

Our professional football academy is aimed at players aged between 12 and 16 from all over the world, who are selected through an internal admission process.

Our own methodology is developed based on the sporting experience of the academy’s director, Nano Rivas, and the coaches who make up the technical staff, who have played in Spanish First Division teams and have been part of the coaching staff of professional football teams.

Alumnos entrenando en Casvi Football Academy
Alumnos entrenando en Casvi Football Academy