Casvi Camp in Gredos, the start of weeks of adventure and learning in the heart of nature.

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Alumnos de 6º E. Primaria en Casvi Camp Gredos

The Casvi Camp coexistence days in Gredos, in the Nature Centre that the Casvi Group of Schools has in Arenas de San Pedrovila), are back after two years of absence. The pandemic forced the suspension of this activity that now returns with even more strength. Also with the illusion of all the students of the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi, who were eager to participate in one of the star activities of our school.

Thus, the primary school students will experience a few days of adventure in a totally privileged environment. In addition, Casvi Camp in Gredos is an English camp that integrates, in a playful way, the IB methodology (International Baccalaureate) that is followed in the classrooms of Casvi Villaviciosa from the PYP stage to the Diploma Programme. Only the scenario changes. A methodology that seeks to train the leaders of the future.

Our 6th grade Primary students have arrived there today and will enjoy five days of activities in the middle of nature. All of them will help them to boost their individual management. They will also encourage group work and develop social, self-management, thinking, research and communication skills. Skills and attitudes that make up the framework of the International Baccalaureate.

Some of the activities you will find are:

  1. Bicycle rides.
  2. Archery, slingshot and blowgun.
  3. Ecological trails.
  4. Workshops, games and handicrafts in the middle of nature.
  5. Climbing in our climbing wall.
  6. Activities related to the current unit of enquiry. In the case of our 6th grade students, they will revolve around the PYP Exhibition.


Objectives of Casvi Camp

  1. To continue our comprehensive, innovative and international educational project outside the classroom.
  2. Also, to encourage pupils to communicate in English.
  3. Promote values: autonomy, solidarity, effort and respect for the environment.
  4. Finally, to promote the practice of outdoor sports.

Upcoming dates for Casvi Camp in Gredos

3rd grade Primary Education: 16 to 20 May

5th grade Primary Education: 23rd to 27th May

4th grade Primary Education: 30th May to 3rd June

2nd grade Primary Education: from 20th to 22nd June

1st grade Primary Education: from 22nd to 24th June.

The Casvi Summer Camp in Gredos will also be back as soon as our 2021-2022 school year comes to an end. It will take place during the month of July. You will have detailed information about it in the near future.

You will be able to see all the photos on our Facebook page during these days.