Casvi Urban and Nature Camp: Our English Summer Camps are starting!

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Comienzan los campamentos de verano en Ingles Casvi

Once again this year, our traditional Casvi Urban Camp and Casvi Nature Camp have started. Both in English, the first one takes place in the facilities of the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi, and the second one in the Casvi Nature Centre in the Sierra de Gredos. Specifically in La Parra, a district of Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila). Both summer camps in English are born thanks to our experience as an IB school, together with our experience in the management of all kinds of recreational and learning activities. Always with fun as the meeting point for all of them.

But what are the objectives, what are the characteristics of each of them and do they integrate the IB methodology? It is important to remember that Casvi Villaviciosa has implemented a continuum of IB Programmes: PYP (in Pre-School and Primary Education); MYP (in ESO), and PD (in Baccalaureate).

Campamentos de Verano Casvi


Casvi Group has sought to organise these summer camps in English:

  • Firstly, to create a meeting in which coexistence with the group of peers prevails, encouraging cooperation, teamwork and improving interpersonal relationships.
  • To offer a methodology based on the practice of English and direct contact with nature.
  • To carry out playful, creative and sporting activities, motivating the children and young participants in the importance of maintaining good health by participating in individual and team physical activities.
  • Without forgetting the individual work with each of the participants and the personal skills in daily tasks (cleaning, eating, living together, reflection diary in English).
  • Activities of the Casvi Urban Camp

    Nuestro Casvi Camp Urbano se va a desarrollar en dos quincenas durante todo el mes de julio. Y está destinado a niños desde Primer Ciclo de E. Infantil hasta 6º E. Primaria.

    El tema bajo el que se engloban todas las actividades es “Disfrutando del deporte”. De esta manera, se tratarán de una forma divertida deportes de la antigüedad, escalada, tiro con arco, también deportes de raqueta, balonmano, voleyball, baloncesto, fútbol, atletismo, natación…  

    Por otro lado, se llevarán a cabo diferentes salidas: al Rocódromo, a un Safari, al campo…

    Y por supuesto, no faltarán los tradicionales Sanfermines y la tan querida Fiesta del Agua.

    Casvi Camp Nature Activities

    Casvi Nature Camp will take place from the 1st to the 15th of July. It is aimed at children from 1st  grade of Primary School to 2nd  grade of Secondary, both inclusive. Among others, they will be able to enjoy the following activities:

    Thanks to its setting, the Sierra de Gredos, they will enjoy the unique natural environment in which they will play different games, sports, excursions, workshops, gymkhanas… All of them with different themes: Sport Day, Water Day, Ecological Path, Mountain Day (with an outing to the Torozo), Circus Day, Cookind Day, Eagles Caves (with an excursion to these famous caves), Show Day, etc.

    Casvi Urban and Nature Camp within the International Baccalaureate

    Both Casvi Camp Urban and Casvi Camp Nature, integrate in a playful way the methodology of the International Baccalaureate followed in our classrooms. They do so, as is logical, by changing the setting. An IB methodology that seeks to train the leaders of the future.

    To this end, multiple activities will be carried out to improve the individual and group management of those who participate in these summer camps in English.

    A fundamental part of their development will be collaborative work and the promotion of social, self-management, thinking, research and communication skills. All of these make up the IB framework.