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Alumnos del Colegio Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi de Intercambio Lingüístico

The best way to learn another language

Our Language Exchanges is increasingly necessary for our students to benefit from an intercultural and international education. But what are the destinations, how long do they last, who can take part in them, what are the benefits?

The ability to analyse global and intercultural issues is essential. Today’s students will be the decision-makers in the globalised society of the future. They will encounter and experience different realities, societies and opportunities. And to cope with this successfully, one of the main tools they need is a command of different languages. In short, multilingualism.

At Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School, three languages are studied as a curricular subject. English from the first year of life; and German and Chinese from the age of 10.

In this way, the development of this Language Exchange Programme has been consolidated in Casvi as a necessary practice to complete the integral formation of the pupils. They are organised without any kind of intermediary agency, through direct contact with schools all over the world.

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Destination of our Language Exchanges

All pupils can participate in our Language Exchange Programme if they wish, from the age of 10 up to and including the Baccalaureate. It is an experience of a lifetime with several destinations:

  1. United States (Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tacoma, Virgin Islands…) Our students from 5th grade Primary School to 4th grade Secondary Education take part in this two-month course.
  2. For two weeks they live a unique international experience. Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students enjoy this opportunity.
  3. Occasionally with Ireland. They last six weeks and are aimed at Secondary students.
  4. In recent years, in addition, different framework agreements have been signed with several schools in China.
Alumnos del Colegio Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi de Intercambio Lingüístico

Benefits of Language Exchanges

Each language exchange is a totally different experience. But what they all agree on is that it is a totally enriching experience for families, students and for the rest of the educational community at Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School. There are several reasons for this:

  1. They reinforce the learning of a foreign language, as well as the history and culture of other countries.
  2. They acquire a broader perspective of the world. Autonomy is experienced and the ability to adapt is practised.
  3. They develop values such as tolerance, cultural identity and respect for other cultures.
  4. Stimulate self-esteem, self-confidence and maturity.
  5. They orient education towards basic life skills as set out by the OECD.
  6. And they enable different perspectives to be valued, based on interaction with people from different cultures.


“I have participated in two Language Exchanges. With the Einsenhower International School in Oklahoma and with the Lakes International Language Academy, in Minnesota. I did it to practice and improve my English. Also to get to know their culture. But in the end I realised that I had found much more than that. I had found a great family, great friends and a fantastic life experience”.


“A cultural exchange is like a magical process where the learner will initially improve the language in a real context. But this soon becomes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

An occasion where he creates a school and family routine that he makes his own, and which brings him great maturity and personal enrichment”.


“What started as a host family has become a family of its own. You feel that they treat your child as if they were their own, caring for them and giving them the best of their experience.

That is the greatest peace of mind and happiness for parents. It creates a lifelong bond of family and friendship for everyone”.