Awakening passions for music

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Alumnos de Casvi en una clase magistral de música con la batería como protagonista
Casvi Music Club

From Casvi we have achieved it with the drum master class by professional musician Mario Fuentes.

He and our music teacher, Andrés García, had it clear. With this master class they sought to arouse curiosity for music and, above all, for an instrument, the drums. The most instinctive of all, they both say, and the one that allows the player to express himself freely.

In short, a very participative class in which our own students dared to interpret a piece with this instrument; and in which they learned that, behind the music, there can be not only passion and feelings, but also a lot of effort and work.

It is important to remember that the drums are one of the many instruments taught at the Casvi Music Club.