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Preschool (PYP)

In Preschool our objective is to prepare our students so that they end up reaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with full guarantees of success, so that their good marks give them freedom to choose the university they like.

IB Profile

Work that ensures our students have an IB profile (inquisitive and open minded, informed and instructed, thinkers and good communicators, well-rounded, reflective, courageous, compassionate and balanced).

During preschool, we have all the learning tools required to stimulate and develop the growth and evolution of our youngest pupils. All with the aim of recognising and motivating each child’s potentialstrengthening their senses of self-esteem, initiative and complete learning.

Communication is a fundamental way to relate with others and naturally develop the acquisition of English during the school day.

Alumno de 1º E. Infantil aprendiendo inglés con Jolly Phonics
Alunma de dos años

English Phonetics

Learning English phonetics, working in small groups and having conversations in this language with native teachers from different English speaking countries lets our students start to feel interest in and have fun with English from the earliest ages.

Questioning, Expressing, Representing & Sharing

Questioning, expressing, representing and sharing are tools that contribute to a quality education based on values, especially working with our qualified and committed teachers.

Reading & Mathematics

We have an innovative project for teaching reading and mathematics. From the age of 3, students discover both worlds via this creative project in which language is valued as an instrument for oral communication and understanding reality. This stimulates their neurological development, where special focus is placed on hands on work, observation and experimentation based on play and fun.

Body, Musical & Artistic Expression

Alumna de E. Infantil aprendiendo música en Casvi

Body, musical and artistic expression, along with swimming, are integrated into our education model in a transdisciplinary way, based on the International Baccalaureate, thus ensuring that our students acquire essential skills for the future for their personal, emotional and professional development in a society that will be progressively more demanding.

All of this in a transdisciplinary way using tools such as Jack the Robot, constructions with Lego Duplo, Cubetto and the use of our iPads for programming with Scratch Junior.

Alumno de E. Infantil aprendiendo Robótica en Casvi

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