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Middle School (MYP)

During Middle School, or compulsory secondary, like the earlier stages, our objective is also to prepare our students so that they end up reaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with full guarantees of success, so that their good scores give them freedom to choose the university they like.

IB Profile

Work that ensures our students have an IB profile (inquisitive and open minded, informed and instructed, thinkers and good communicators, well-rounded, reflective, courageous, compassionate and balanced).

Continued enquiry is still the key to learning. In this process, students learn by investigating and researching, asking questions… and this is done in depth with the aim of ensuring enduring and far reaching learning (valuable outside the classroom and in every aspect of life). During Middle School (ESO per its Spanish acronym), our students face a complex and interdisciplinary world full of challenges, as well as their development of fundamental skills and abilities. Learning is based on concepts here.

Alumnos indagando sobre la esgrima de forma experimental en Casvi
Alumnos experimentado Física en Casvi con un scalextric
Alumnos de Secundaria ofreciendo una clase de indagación a los alumnos más pequeños de Casvi

innovation and Creativity

During this stage, we educate students who will be able to take on and handle different disciplines by using innovation and creativity. These are the years when they develop mental flexibility, intellectual rigour and exemplify the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

Service Learning

Action and service, as well as awareness raising and the environment, are also stressed via an IB tool named ‘Service Learning’, in which students put the knowledge and skills they have acquired into real practice by working on projects that benefit society.

Personal Project

As it is done in Primary, this stage concludes with a personal project in which students will reveal and showcase all the skills and knowledge acquired via disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning criteria.

An in-depth enquiry that will demonstrate that they have assimilated the attributes on the IB profile and that will prepare them for the project they will have to do later in the Diploma Programme.

Once again languages and technology play an important role in supporting this methodology:

  • There are still three languages taught (English, German and Chinese) in small groups by level (a total of four), with conversation classes given by native teachers. Different Linguistic Exchanges are also offered with students from other countries: Germany, USA…
  • The iPads continue to contain the curriculum developed by teachers for this entire stage and that they will use in their research and investigation in the classroom, which replace printed textbooks.
  • Further, as support to these technological needs, there is a class entitled ‘Technology, Programming and Robotics’ that—carrying on with the foundations acquired during Preschool and Primary—foster development skills in programming, design, 3D digital design and 3D printing.

Lastly, but no less important, we also have an art and music education project that goes much beyond simple curricular knowledge. The same is true of our sports programme.

alumna de Secundaria pintando en Casvi un cuadro dentro de la clase de Artes Visuales

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