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Alumnos de Primer Ciclo de E. Infantil en su primer día de colegio en Casvi
The school year 2021-22 starts at Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School with the usual smiles and tears of our students. But also with our usual pillars, which are the foundation of our methodology: the internationality of our students and teachers; also of our educational model (the Continuum Programme of International Baccalaureate); multilingualism; and of course, the closeness and trust that we always want to offer to our parents. An exciting start of school the year that we show you in this video:

International Education in this exciting start of the school year

We live in a society in which the internationalization factor is a real necessity. I know it in this exciting start of the school year, It is our students who are responsible for making the decisions of the future in a globalized society, in which they will find different realities, societies and opportunities.

In order to face this with certainty of success, they will need:

  1. An international educational project: the International Baccalaureate methodology with its three programs (PYP, MYP and Diploma Program). At Casvi we offer all three within the IB Continuum  Programmes.
  2. Knowledge of different languages (multilingualism). At Casvi we offer the learning of three languages (English, German and Chinese).
  3. Global skills necessary to meet that diversity, respect cultural differences and cooperate to achieve a better world.
Clase de alemán en el colegio privado internacional Eurocolegio Casvi

Language Exchange Program

In order to promote the internationality of our students, at Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School, this practice has been consolidated in order to complement their integral formation. Linguistic Exchanges are carried out, from the age of ten, through direct contact with schools all over the world: USA, Germany…

Alumno chino junto a su profesora en Casvi en el primer día de colegio

International students

All these measures have brought as a consequence that our classrooms welcome, every day, more and more students of different nationalities, who seek to live a linguistic and cultural experience during one or more academic years.

So, an exciting start to the school year in which optimism and enthusiasm have been the dominant notes of these two days of reunions and renewed hopes.

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Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of Casvi Group, welcomes us to the new school year

Internationality, multilingualism, IB educational model, proximity, confidence, acquisition of global competencies to successfully face today’s society… These are the keys to this new school year that our director faces with the greatest of positivism. Juan Luis Yagüe tells us about it in this video.