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Since its founding, the headmaster of the Eurocolegio Casvi Private International School has been its founder Juan Yagüe Sevillano. In 1996 his son, Juan Luis Yagüe, was hired to the management team, taking on functions as the deputy head. And in 2005 he became the head. 

A group of professionals with extensive experience in education and at the school complete the management team. There is complete stability, as they have all worked with us at least 13 years. Their work over the course of the years has been crucial in the leadership position that Casvi currently holds. 

Juan Luis Yagüe


Pablo Martín

Head of Studies

Roberto Roldán

Assistant to the Head of Studies

Ana de La Calle

Primary Education Coordinator


Coordinator PEP (IB)

David Vozmediano

Coordinator PAI (IB)

José Vicente

Baccalaureate and Diploma Programme Coordinator (IB)

Teresa Cubero

Responsible for Couselling Department

Ana Yagüe

Head of the Administration Department

María Llorente


Juan Llorente

Quality Manager

Professionals who are continuously involved in both national and international educational processes, who have contributed to achieving big educational milestones at our school:

  • Change to a constructivist teaching methodology based on the mainstays of the International Baccalaureate
  • Implementation of iPads as learning tools starting in year 5 of primary
  • Start up of a Linguistic Exchange Programme with countries throughout the world (USA, Germany, Ireland…)

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