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With the aim of giving the subject of Music the value it deserves within our educational programme, we have been pioneers in introducing a series of measures that ensure that our students consider it at the same level as other subjects like Mathematics, Language… and also so our students’ education is comprehensive and we can detect and maximise their musical talents of any type..

Measures have led to the creation and strengthening after that of the CASVI MUSIC CLUB. Extracurricular activity for all those who want to specialise in the technical and interpretive learning of Music.

    • There are different instrument specialisations: piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, canto, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, saxophone, violin and ukelele.

This Club features the Orchestra and the three Casvi Choirs (divided according to the ages of the constituents). Rehearsals are held during recess time. Attendance is free and open.

Both the Music Club and the Casvi Choir participate at different artistic events at the school: the Villancicos Charity Concert, the Musical Poetic Recital, Communions… and in some cases they are the ones who organise their own concerts.

These measures have been adopted to promote musical talent at Casvi:

  1. The number of hours that the subject of Music is taught was increased.
  2. The teachers are specialists at the top of their classes.
  3. We teach Music from cycle one of Preschool (from their first year of life).During this stage, we work on developing their voices and listening to simple songs. In cycle two of Preschool, they are presented to sound sources and start to recognise and represent sound (length, intensity, tone, timbre…).  They start with pre-reading and musical scores. They also develop auditory perception, meaning that they start to recognise music notes. And they even start to create small compositions. At five years old, our students can read simple sheet music with rhythm and notes.
  4. Use of wide variety of instruments (not only recorders): Orff instruments (xylophones and small percussion), pianos, drums, bass, guitars (classic and electric), ukuleles…
  5. Practice prevails over theory.
  6. Employment of new technologies for doing projects. For example, and because of using iPads in the classrooms from year 5 of Primary, they leave to use Garage Bank, a composing and recording app.
  7. There are two dedicated music rooms equipped with materials. Classrooms that students can also use during break times. And they will find the Music teachers there to help them.

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