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In the society in which we live, it is essential for our students to be able to handle being on stageto speak in front of an ‘unknown’ audience about what they have learned and their field of ‘expertise’, achieving comfort with this attribute that is as important for their futures as becoming good communicators.

Theatre is the most effective tool for achieving these aims. Also for putting into practice skills that are so important for their personal development like teamwork.

At Casvi we work on all of this at our THEATRE CLUB, with own and innovative theatre productions, as well as adaptations of Disney classics like Beauty and the BeastFrozenSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The little mermaid. This club helps us to detect and foster artistic talent among our students.

Shows are performed both in Spanish and in English and at different levels:

    • Level 1 (from year 3 of Preschool to year 4 of Primary):  The objective is to introduce students to the world of dramatisations, starting with play as the basis to start creating and inventing situations through group participation.
    • Levels 2 and 3 (from year 5 of Primary):The objective is to strengthen their memories, by learning small scripts to perform in public; to learn to improvise by inventing increasingly complex dramatic situations; and to stimulate their skills at speaking and performing in front of an audience.
    • Level 4 (in English, starting in year 5 of Primary):To the previous objectives, here we would add the encouragement of oral expression in a language other than their mother tongue, which is English. And also the learning of new vocabulary.

    And as a final objective for all three levels, the creation or adaptation in a group of a more complex theatre work, collaborating on the scripts, or creating short choreographies depending on the character they represent for the show.

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