Extracurricular activities in Casvi: tips for choosing them

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Alumna de Casvi de E. Infantil en la clase de Artes Plásticas y Visuales

After two years in which the extra-curricular activities in Casvi have been altered due to Covid-19, we are resuming our usual programme. They are aimed at all ages and the deadline to participate in them is now open. They can be divided into three sections: sports, artistic and recreational.

Artistic extracurricular activities

We include them in our School of Arts. This includes our SCHOOLS OF MUSIC, FINE ARTS AND THEATRE.

For Casvi, it is fundamental to detect the talent of our students, whatever type it may be. That is why we have been pioneers in promoting artistic education, which helps us so much:


Encourage creativity. A capacity that children possess from birth and develop as they grow up.

Trouble shooting

Inspire creative thinking and help with problem solving in the future.

Skills and abilities

Generate and enhance skills and abilities that can be applied to other disciplines, or even to your future career.

Playful extracurricular activities

We cannot forget the extracurricular activities for dance: FLAMENCO, MODERN AND CLASSICAL.

And also the big novelty this year: the FREE EMBROIDERY WORKSHOP. In this course, our participating students will be able to learn the basic techniques and stitches of embroidery. They will discover the necessary materials, flat stitches, complex stitches, relief stitches and tricks to improve their technique. In short, an extraordinary way of expressing ideas, unblocking creativity and giving free rein to the imagination.

Extracurricular sports activities


Sport has clear benefits for children’s education and all-round development that go beyond health and fitness. These include the development of the three Ps. Three important lessons for adult life:

  1. Practice to improve
  2. Patience to see results
  3. Persistence to avoid failure

Tips for choosing extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are a complement to the education received at school. But how do you choose? We offer you these 6 tips:

  1. They should not be experienced as an obligation.
  2. It must be essential that the activity motivates them.
  3. The opinion of the children should always be taken into account.
  4. Extracurricular classes should not be a source of pressure and/or stress for them, but of fun and learning.
  5. They should not take up a substantial part of the child’s free time. They should allow them to attend to their school obligations and have time for play and leisure.
  6. We must choose the ones that adapt to, as well as enhance, the characteristics and aptitudes of our children.
  7. Extracurricular activities for children should be in accordance with their age.

Benefits of extracurricular activities for children

  1. Complement the training.
  2. Release energy, which will help you get home more relaxed and clear-headed.
  3. Favour socialisation and encourage teamwork.
  4. Help to build good personal and social self-esteem.
  5. Develop values such as respect and tolerance.
  6. Stimulate learning.
  7. Contribute to psycho-emotional health and have a positive effect on school performance.
  8. They are an alternative to harmful leisure activities. Extracurricular activities offer a healthier and more complete alternative to leisure time through video games or in front of the television.