Our History

We are a private mixed-sex school that was founded in 1985, when Mr Juan Yagüe—after 24 years devoted to education—made his biggest dream come true: the opening of the Eurocolegio Casvi Private International School. Two others have been added to the first: the Eurocolegio Casvi School, state-subsidised private, in Boadilla del Monte (2005) and Casvi International American School in Tres Cantos (2017).

Despite the years that have passed, the foundations on which the schools are based have remained the same. The certainty that quality education is the key to all transformation. This premise has compelled us to always seek all things innovative and that provide positive reinforcement for the education of our students. 

Educational Tools

Since the very beginning, they have had the newest and most cutting edge educational tools. One example of this is the first computer lab that was created with 35 Commodore 64 computers, at a time when no other school had them.

Our facilities have also undergone constant transformation.We started with one building, and now there are seven. And complementary facilities have been added over the years: a swimming pool, sports centre and computer, art and music rooms.

Teaching Methods

Our educational project has also experienced many changes and expansions, in order to improve students’ comprehensive and well-rounded education. New teaching methods have been added, guided by the International Baccalaureate Foundationnew languages (there are now three: English, German and Chinese); new subjects such as Technology, Programming and Robotics; and new and progressively more international experiences, like our Linguistic Exchange Programme with different countries round the world. 

International Ambience

At present, children come not only from different areas of Madrid, but from throughout Spain and the world, who want to study at our school, which has invigorated and added an international ambience that is to everyone’s benefit.

In order to guarantee that Casvi students have successful futures, our objective has always been, and will continue to be, to adapt the education provided in our classrooms to the needs of the society in which we do our work.

Casvi Video

We accompany our channel on YouTube, where you can find many videos about our facilities, online classes, our foundation, Casvi Camp, art & sport, educational offer, parties, events, and much more…

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