2nd International Week at Casvi

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Kindergarteners celebrated the 2nd International Week. They did so together with their English teachers. The goal was clear: spark their curiosity, help them gain respect and comprehension towards the world’s different cultures, get to know their gastronomy, clothes and customs.



This gave students the opportunity to travel to countries, such as Thailand, New Zealand, Peru, Mexico, Croatia, Russia and Turkey, through fun and engaging activities (i.e. dances, songs, handicrafts).




In class and in all the different educational stages is important to build a strong foundation for foreign language acquisition.  In this way, three languages are taught at Casvi: English, since pupils are one year old, and German and Chinese from 5th grade.

The goal is to foster the IB learner profile attributes: open-mindedness, caring, principled, balanced, etc. In addition, these diversity of skills also promote socialization and communal living among students.



“Quality education implies being tolerant and respectful towards different cultures, as well as promoting the defense of human rights and equal opportunities for everybody”, as Ana de la Calle, Kindergartener coordinator, claims.



Linguistic exchanges are an essential part of our students’ learning as they provide a wide array of opportunities.

  1. The learning of a foreign language is reinforced, as well as the history and culture of other countries.
  2. It broadens students’ perspective of the world, helps them become more independent, and helps them develop their adaptation ability.
  3. Values such as tolerance, cultural identity and respect towards other cultures are developed.
  4. It improves self-esteem, self-confidence and maturity.



Our school promotes  language exchanges without an intermediary agency. On the contrary, it is done by coordinating directly with schools all around the globe.

  • United States. The exchange lasts two months. It is offered from 5th grade up to 10th grade. The destinations are diverse: Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tacoma, The Virgin Islands, etc.
  • Germany. It lasts two weeks. Students have a chance to experience first hand a unique, international experience. It is designed exclusively for High School students.
  • In the last few years, an array of collaborative agreements have been signed with different Chinese schools.




Casvi’s international open-mindedness allows students from different nationalities to study at our school and to experience a unique linguistic and cultural experience for one, or several academic years.

These students, who arrived to our country without their families, can choose from two different possibilities:

  1. To stay in our male and female residence halls.
  2. To stay with a host family.




For Ana de la Calle, Kindergartener coordinator, “Educating with an international mindset gives a new perspective to quality education as it is extremely beneficial”.

  1. Learning different languages opens doors to studying in the best universities of the world.
  2. It boosts creativity, art, music, and, mainly, teamwork as it develops the necessary skills to face the world.
  3. Becoming citizens of a globalized world, without barriers and knowing how to acclimate to different cultures.

All in all, “We are creating entrepreneurial people who are working hard in order to foster community well-being and a better world”, as Ana de la Calle claims.