What a field trip!

Last week, 3rd graders had the opportunity to go on two different field trips. First, they headed to Torrejón de Ardoz, where they visited Parque Europa. This field trip was an activity in connection with their ongoing unit of inquiry titled “I am able to use a map.”

The second unit of inquiry, titled ¨I know my body and my surroundings”, took the third graders to ILUNION, in Fuenlabrada, for more interactive activities.

In Parque Europa, our students were able to “travel” to different parts of our continent thankd to the skills they learnt in class to work with a map on site.

This activity not only helped them to work on their orientation, data gathering and spatial relations skills, but it also sparked their confidence and enthusiasm for our continent.

In the second field trip, they visited a laundromat. This allowed them to put into practice social values such as tolerance and empathy.

They also gained a deeper understanding of how social inclusion is so important for people with disabilities.