Technology innovation

New technologies as an educational tool have been a reality in education for a long time.

They strengthen teaching and learning, as well as increase opportunities to access knowledge, develop collaborative skills and instill positive values in students.

In addition, the pandemic situation we are living has caused them to become even more prominent, if possible, highlighting the importance they have so that students can continue learning in any circumstance.

At Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School, with 35 years of experience in Education, we have always adapted to the new needs of society, to its new challenges, so that our students can be trained for their future and thus put them at an advantage with respect to any citizen in the world.

We have always been pioneers in introducing new educational methods and tools that favor the acquisition of knowledge, and new technologies are among them.


Although there have been many technological innovations that have marked the history of our schools, we want to remember those that have shown us the way and have allowed us to be able to live up to adverse circumstances, without undermining the quality of education provided:

First computer classroom in 1985 with 35 Commodore 64 computers.

Pioneers in the introduction of interactive and tactile whiteboards, computers and video projectors in the classrooms…

Use of iPads as a knowledge search tool.

Creation of digital books by teaching staff.

Robotics classrooms to offer in our curriculum the subject of Technology, Programming and Robotics, from Kindergarten to Baccalaureate Education.


In the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi its students began to receive online classes from the first day of confinement last March 11, respecting the same schedules of each of the subjects. This was possible thanks to the different systems of administrative management, communication and collaborative work that this school has had for years, and to the technological skills that both students and teachers have been developing during all this time.

Later, the return to class in September forced them to face different variants: face-to-face, semi-face, online classes… Thus we demonstrated, after the previous experience, our full preparation to face with guarantees any of these ways of receiving or teaching classes. Even if what is needed is to combine them, as has happened this last course continuously. During the course, we are finding, at the same time in the classroom, students who needed to receive their classes online, or teachers who needed to teach them in this way, while the rest of the classmates did it in person”.

It is clear that digitalization will allow us all to continue innovating and improving in methodological issues. Casvi’s innovative DNA has always led us to introduce in our educational model everything that promotes, facilitates and increases the learning and skills of our students.

And that is what we will continue to do with a single purpose. To give the best possible education to our students, no matter what.

Juan Luis Yagüe, Headmastar
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