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Linguistic Exchanges

It is increasingly more necessary for our students to benefit from an intercultural and international education.Our Exchange Programme is proof of our commitment in this area, which complements their comprehensive education, given the great benefits reported:

• Strengthens learning a foreign language, as well as the history and culture of other countries.

• Acquire a broader perspective of the world, experiencing autonomy and practicing their abilities to adapt.

• Develop values like tolerance, cultural identity and respect for other cultures.

• Stimulates self-esteem, self-confidence and maturity.

We organise these linguistic exchanges directly, without using any intermediary, by making direct contact with schools round the world.

  • United States: A two month programme, available to students from year 5 of Primary to year 4 of Middle School. There are several destinations: Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tacoma, Virgin Islands…
  • Germany: This two week programme offers students a unique international experience. Middle School students can enjoy this great opportunity.       
  • And occasionally with Ireland. This programme is six weeks for Middle School students.

In recent years we have also signed several framework collaboration agreements with different schools in China.

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