International education is the best heritage

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Having a global mindset is key in today’s society. The students are the ones to reap the benefits of living in a global society. In order to face those changes, they need to learn languages and to develop the necessary social skills, such as respect and tolerance towards other cultures.



Casvi is very aware of this and we are firm believers  in educational innovation which improves students’ performances. Hence, it has opened doors to that international mentality  through the introduction of different methodological tools.

  • International Educational project: International Baccalaureate with its three programs (PYP, MYP and Diploma). “This methodology is a great step towards facing this reality as it helps develop those competences society is demanding. In addition, it promotes student’s personal and academic maturity, developing their interest to learn and work in a team”, as José Vicente Belizón, Casvi’s Diploma coordinator, claims.
  • Multilingualism. At Casvi, three foreign languages are taught: English, starting from age one, and German and Chinese as of 5th grade. They are taught by native and bilingual teachers in small groups. All students have the chance to take Chinese official exams organized by Confucius Institute; German exams, by Goethe Institute; and English by Cambridge University. ‘Thanks to the school’s methodology, our Baccalaureate students can pass the most proficient levels such as Advanced and/or Proficiency, and they can even study the Bilingual Diploma’.



  • Languages exchange program which is a must for student’s educational training. ‘We organized them by directly contacting them with different schools worldwide. The ones that take place in the USA last 2 months and are designed for 5th graders; and the ones in Germany last 2 weeks and aimed for high school and Baccalaureate students. We hope to restart them once the pandemic is over.



This attracts students from different nationalities who want to live first hand a linguistic and cultural experience at our school. ‘Their interaction with our students is a cornerstone of our educational model’.



Benefits of international education

  • The global mindset provided by this type of education gives our students an advantage, which allows them to study at the best universities of the world.
  • The international relationships promoted throughout one’s academic life is one of our school’s greatest appeal for students.