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Daily contact with music has multiple benefits that help develop intellectual skills. That is
why Casvi promotes artistic and musical creativity since students are one year of age.

  • Music classes for kids 

    Music classes at Casvi are as important as Maths and Spanish classes. Moreover, the school tries to boost students’ musical talents. Hence: 

    • The number of hours of music classes have increased.
    • It is comprised of professional teachers.
    • Music has been taught since Kindergarten, and that is why five-year-old children can read easy sheet music.
    • A great variety of instruments are used (not only flute): xylophones, pianos, drums, guitars (classical and electric), ukulele,etc.
    • Predominance of practice over theory.
    • Use of ICT for the development of projects. For instance, thanks to the iPads, 5th graders learn to use ‘Garage Band’, which is a recording app.
    • There are two specific labs of music with material. Students are allowed to use them during recess. Music teachers are there to assist them.


Music School

All these measures helped in the creation of a Music School. It is an extracurricular activity aimed for all students who want to specialise in the technical learning of this art. There are different groups: from kindergarten to Baccalaureate. Parents and alumni can also participate.

Music benefits

  • Helps concentration and attention span. Music classes help develop different areas of the brain. Those who have had a musical formation have better concentration span than those who have not. They are also more perseverant in their day-to-day life.
  • Increases memory and creativity. The playing of an instrument promotes three aspects: visual memory, muscular or gestual memory and auditory memory. The enjoyment of music boosts memory and helps set memories. In addition, studying music fosters mental creativity and agility, facilitating the solution of problems in an imaginative way.
  • Motor and rhythmic skills development. Listening to music stimulates the development of motor skills especially in little children. The studying of each instrument, its routine and exercises help internalize and develop the coordination skill.
  • Boosts self-esteem and improves social skills. Music increases self-esteem and helps overcome problems related to it, especially during adolescence. The daily progress and practice as well as sharing music with people in concerts/meetings, make students feel more self-confident and it also helps them create new bonds and friendships.

Enrolments 2021/2022 Open

Average Entry Grade: 11.72

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