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Technology Materials

Starting in year 5 of Primary and through year 4 of Middle School, our students work with their own electronic devices, thus replacing the majority of conventional textbooks.

The digital textbooks were created by school teachers and are considered one more source of information within the IB methodology.

The school has 350 computers distributed in 7 computer labs.  All of the school’s classrooms are connected with internet access. They have video projectors, interactive digital and touch boards, as well as Apple TV.  

Further, 2 mobile ‘iPad classrooms’, each with 25 iPads, let students in Preschool and the first years of Primary have tools to assist them in their inquiries using digital sources.

The TPR Department (Technology, Programming and Robotics) has its own technology supplies: 3D printers, robotic kits, BQ robots for Arduino projects, control boards, BQ boards based on Arduino technology for robotic projects, Arduino R3 boards for Baccalaureate students, a Linux server, XAMPP development environments with APACHE and PHP servers and MySQL database manager, as well as Android test devices for mobile app development using APP Inventor.

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