More than a Field Trip!

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All our students, regardless of their educational stage, are already working on their Units of Inquiry. One way for them to put into practice what they learn in class is by going on field trips.

This is the case of 4th graders who visited the Geomineral Museum as part of an activity included in their last unit of inquiry titled ‘The whereabouts’.

In 6th grade, students went to Madrid and walked through its streets to have a better understanding of the industrial revolution, and 10th graders visited the Pedriza.

Both outdoors activities are part of the unit of inquiries respectively developed in class and titled ‘Follow the Tracks’ and ‘Land Dynamics’. 

4th graders enjoyed a fun day in the ’Aula de Salud Pública’ as part of the topic that will be explored in the next unit of inquiry titled  ‘Taking care of yourself’.