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It is vitally important to us to detect our students’ talents and abilities, of whatever type they may be. This is why at Casvi we have been pioneers in implementing art studies, putting them at the same level of academic importance as other subjects.

Fostering our students’ creativity is the most effective strategy for promoting creative thought and helping them resolve problems in the future. Thus, the skills and abilities are revealed and maximised that can be applied to other disciplines, and even in their future careers.

And that is also why the teaching of artistic disciplines goes beyond the school day. For students who would like to delve into these fields, we have our ARTS SCHOOL where, as extracurricular activities, different arts are taught: painting, sculpture, music, theatre…

During the school day, in recent years we have made a series of innovative changes to our educational programme whose aim is to detect these possible talents:

    • The number of class hours was increased.
    • Art classes are obligatory subjects until year 4 of Middle School. They are optional in the Diploma Programme (IB).
    • They have been equipped with more resources: three Fine Arts and two Music classrooms were created that are fully equipped. In addition to Orff instruments (xylophones and small percussion), we also have pianos, drums, bass, guitars (classic and electric), ukuleles…
    • Specialised teacherswith degrees in their subjects teach these courses. All of them combine their teaching work with ART (concerts, exhibitions…).
    • Work is transdisciplinary.Teachers work together and collaborate constantly, as a single arts department. The vision is to pose real challenges to students in which they must know several art disciplines to develop creative projects.

    As an example of this collaboration, our CREATIVITY COMPETITION merits mention, now in its fifth year. Under a common topic, students submit creations in different categories: music, painting, sculpture, photography, video and literature.

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