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Multilingualism is one of the fundamental pillars of Casvi’s educational project. Being multilingual, in the global society in which we live, has become a necessity. Today’s children are growing up in a world in which seeing, living and moving around will increasingly be their reality.

That is why Casvi, with the aim of promoting an international education among its pupils, not only uses a methodology based on the International Baccalaureate (IB), but also promotes the learning of three foreign languages. This multilingualism is promoted within the school timetable and as a curricular subject: English, from the first year of life, and German and Chinese from 5th Primary.

It is carried out through eminently practical classes, with a predominance of oral and written comprehension and expression, emphasising the spontaneity of the foreign language. All this is done in small groups, with native and bilingual teachers, which in Secondary and Baccalaureate are formed according to level, and using the most innovative learning methods.

Clase de alemán en el colegio privado internacional Eurocolegio Casvi
Alumnos en los Examenes Oficiales de Inglés de la Universidad de Cambridge
Multilingualism from 5th E. Primary onwards

For the Language Department of the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi, 5th Grade Primary School is the ideal year to incorporate multilingualism. In addition to English, we add Chinese and German. In this way we get daring pupils who accept and take on everything new that is proposed to them naturally.

By learning new languages, we get to know new cultures. We collaborate in making education totally inclusive. And we encourage them to develop an international mindset. In addition to creating open-minded students, capable of adapting to these new languages.

Benefits of multilingualism

Mastering more than one language is very positive, as it helps us to grow by having a perfect command of more than one code. Multilingualism also allows us to open doors to realities and opportunities that will only enrich us.

Multilingual children also enjoy advantages in the field of learning. In general, they have a higher level of selective attention than others; and their memory capacity is much higher.

This is because they are constantly comparing, categorising and organising words, and from this incredible ability, they gain a level of language awareness that greatly facilitates a myriad of skills:

  1. Greater mental flexibility.
  2. A superiority in concept formation.
  3. A more diversified mental skill set.
  4. They are more creative.
  5. Facilitates the establishment of more diverse relationships.
  6. And better knowledge between peoples and individuals.

Multilingual children have learning advantages.

Language Exchanges to improve multilingualism

Their development in Casvi has been consolidated as a necessary practice to complement the integral education of the pupils and to promote their multilingualism. We organise Language Exchanges without any intermediary agency. Through direct contact with schools all over the world. In the USA, they last two months, and our pupils from 5th Grade Primary School take part in them. The destinations are diverse: Tulsa, Minnesota, Virgin Islands, Tacoma?

The ones in Germany last two weeks, and it is our ESO and Bachillerato students who enjoy this opportunity.