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Alumnos en su Proyecto de Indagación PEP del Bachillerato Internacional en Casvi

Our 6th grade students have released their final exhibition of PYP projects. For the second consecutive year, and due to the pandemic situation we live in because of the Covid-19, they have done it online through videos that leave no one indifferent and demonstrate the excellent work of inquiry they have done to carry them out. 

Team work in which they have left marked the attributes of the International Baccalaureat (IB) learner profile that have been so much encouraged in the classroom throughout their stage in Kindergarten and Primary Education. Thus, they have shown to be daring, inquisitive, good communicators, reflective…

In short, with the presentation of these PYP projects they have lived one of the most special days of their stay in Casvi. And so, they have closed an important stage of their lives, demonstrating that they are fully prepared to move on to Secondary Education and enter the educational methodology of the MYP (Middle Years Programme) of IB.

Here we show you the result.

International Baccalaureate

PYP projects at Casvi Villaviciosa

6th Grade (A)


In their “trip” they have investigated Slovenia. A particular country because of its gastronomy and its nature. They also have a very particular language and their clothing is very different from the others. The best of all is that they have done this work as a team helping each other.


For the students who have done this PYP project Norway is very beautiful and cold. It also has beautiful scenery, a stunning coastline and unique traditions. All this is what makes Norway such a great country. Through this work, they have also learned group work and skills such as cooperation and commitment.


This group has worked in a country that is known for its great plains and striking countryside. Inquiring about it has made them put creativity and partnership into practice.


This group has chosen this country because they wanted to get to know it. In addition, Turkey has beautiful landscapes and monuments as well as curious customs and cultures. In this work they have all collaborated to get the best possible result. It has even helped them to have more creativity, enthusiasm and cooperation. Thanks to this work, they say they have improved their communication, self-control and thinking for themselves.

International Baccalaureate

More PYP projects

6th Grade (B)


This is another PYP project. The members of this group have loved this country. From the day they got to know it for its games, recipes and history, with monuments to envy and its wonderful cities. This project on Germany has helped them to be able to organize themselves as a team and to be open-minded enough to get out of their comfort zone.


In this trip through France they have enjoyed the typical Parisian dishes, traditional dances (such as the French Waltz) and famous monuments (Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, Arc de Triomphe…) They have done a teamwork focusing on creativity and effort. In addition, they have all collaborated to achieve a good result.


They have chosen this country for its rich and varied cultural information such as its gastronomy, history, language or its great customs.  With this project they have managed to improve as a team and learn new editing tools.


In this touristic guide through Italy, the members of this group expose the whole Italian history. A work that has taught them to appreciate the great monuments, customs and culture of this country. In addition, they have all participated and contributed ideas as a team, respecting each other.

6th Grade (C)


In this exhibition ot the another PYP Project, the students of this group talk about typical food, fashion, music, art, well-known places, monuments, important and curious dates… The group work has been fun for them. They say they have worked at ease and have enjoyed doing this project because they have researched and discovered new facts about different countries.


In this video they talk about the monuments, festivals, language, sports, typical food, clothes, history, important people of Greece and gods of this country. They say they have made a lot of effort as a group with the intention that we all learn from them.


In the video they talk about the monuments, language, fashion, art, food, sports, government and tourism of this country. They have worked with a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement. They all claim to have participated and tried to make the video fun and entertaining.


In the video they talk about gastronomy (typical foods); celebrities (actors, soccer players, composers, chess players and gamers); fashion (how they usually dress there, customs and traditions); they have also visited a great number of monuments and spectacular places to visit; and last but not least, about some curiosities of Norway that can leave us with our mouths open. They assure that they have all worked in an organized way, without arguments and always eager to work in a proper way.

6th Grade (D)


Their project consisted of organizing a trip through Finland. One of them was the guide and the others have explained the history, monuments, culture, gastronomy…


They have talked about this country and its capital, Paris. They have also talked about famous painters and musicians of France, as well as its most important monuments. On the other hand, they have taught how to cook two French recipes and explained how to play traditional French games.


In this research work, our students have talked about the typical games of Italy, the gastronomy, the monuments and the history of this country.


This is the last PYP Project. This group talks about how wonderful Switzerland is. In the video they report on its culture, traditions, relief, sports, typical food and monuments.