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Charla sobre uso responsable de las tecnologías para los alumnos de Casvi

The responsible use of technology by young people is currently a concern for all parents. That is why Casvi has organised different talks for pupils from 5th Grade Primary Education to 2nd Grade Baccalaureate. Also for the parents of our School Community. These talks were given by the digital health expert Guillermo Cánovas, director of the Observatory for the Healthy Use of Technology –EducaLIKE-.

The topics were as follows:

  1. 5th Grade Primary Education: “Safe and responsible use of mobiles and tablets”.
  2. 6th Grade Primary Education: “Social Networks”.
  3. 1st and 2nd Grade Secondary Education: “Coexistence and emotional management in digital environments”.
  4. From 3rd  Grade to 2nd Grade Baccalaureate: “Digital reputation”.
  5. Parents: “Privacy and digital identity”.

New Technologies at Casvi

New technologies as an educational tool have been a reality in education for a long time. And in Casvi it could not be otherwise.

They strengthen teaching and learning. They also increase opportunities to access knowledge, develop collaborative skills and instil positive values in students.

In addition, the pandemic situation we are experiencing has made them even more prominent, if possible. They have shown how important they are in enabling schoolchildren to continue learning in all circumstances (online classes).

These are some of the technological innovations that have marked the history of Casvi:

  1. First computer classroom in 1985 with 35 Commodore 64 computers.
  2. Pioneers in the introduction of interactive and tactile whiteboards, computers and video projectors in the classrooms.
  3. Use of iPads as a knowledge-seeking tool.
  4. Creation of digital books by teaching staff.
  5. Robotics classrooms to offer in our curriculum the subject of Technology, Programming and Robotics, from Kindergarten to Baccalaureate.
The responsible use of technology by young people is a concern for parents and teachers.

Advice on the responsible use of technologies

For young people, digital language is second nature. But being a digital native is not synonymous with knowing how to use technology responsibly. A balance needs to be struck. These are some of the most important tips, in addition to those offered in the talks given by EducaLIKE, to encourage our children to use technology responsibly.

  1. Establish times of use.
  2. Prevent them from going to bed accompanied by electronic devices.
  3. Encourage cultural, sporting or outdoor activities.
  4. Respect their privacy, but teach them to take care of it.
  5. Set an example.