‘Scalextrics’ to learn Kinematics

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Aprendemos Cinemática con un scalextric y gracias a la metodología del Bachillerato Internacional en Casvi

Within their Unit of Inquiry on Kinematics, 10th graders in the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi have created a fun and instructive activity using the scalextric game. By doing this, they were able to analyze how different bodies move in such a context.

The objective, says Juan Manuel Gómez Rico, Physics & Chemistry teacher at this school, is for his students to ‘measure and calculate the parameters both in the straight lines and in the curved ones.  Additionally, analyzing the variables that they could control and those that they could not, reflecting on the results so these could be extrapolated to a real situation’.

Based on our M.Y.P (Middle Years Program) methodology of the International Baccalaureate, our students have faced the challenge of thinking critically and learning in a flexible environment. ‘Students have thus taken responsibility for their own learning by asking complex and interesting questions, developing research skills, which have been shown to be useful to them in higher education,’ continues the above-mentioned teacher.



Additionally, they have also worked on different attributes of the International Baccalaureate Profile. According to Inés Antelo, a 10th grader at Casvi, they have become inquirers ‘because we have seen how two concepts of Physics relate to each other’; meanwhile, according to Pedro Guerrero, another Physics teacher at Casvi, they have been open-minded because they have realized how ‘Physics is everywhere, even in games’.

Benefits of learning Physics through games

  • It improves cognitive development. The imagination and the creativity that occur in the game are key.
  • It encourages meaningful learning. The game allows kids to relate new experiences to something they already know. Exploring to find out why something is interesting becomes one of the best ways for students to improve their knowledge.
  • It improves social skills. Experiences give them context, providing them with knowledge so they can handle other situations.
  • It promotes comprehension. The motivation to participate in the game allows them to focus better and worry about understanding.
  • It improves the exhibition of ideas. Curiosity is one of the great advantages that  gaming has in the learning process. It encourages them to research different possibilities and the development of hypothesis that they will later pose to their classmates.

In short, thanks to this methodology of the International Baccalaureate ‘our students have learned Kinematic concepts with great motivation, in addition to improving their technological skills when making measurements with their iPads’, concludes Juan Manuel Gómez-Rico.