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Alumnos de E. Infantil en Casvi aprendiendo matemáticas a través de juegos

 We also make it a priority for our pupils to learn mathematics successfully from an early age. At Casvi we have always been the first to introduce new educational methods and tools that favour the acquisition of knowledge by our pupils.

For this reason, from the first years of Pre-School we have an innovative project to successfully learn mathematics. A very creative educational project that facilitates their neurological development, and which emphasises manipulation, observation and experimentation in a playful way through mathematical bits and games of all kinds.

Thanks to this educational project at Casvi, our pupils lose their fear of making mistakes. They become more participative and enjoy the process of learning Mathematics as it adapts to their level of maturity.

In this way, they acquire learning strategies that will make it easier for them to solve everyday problems. Research, communication and critical and creative thinking skills. Demonstrating to be, at all times, reflective, and achieving points of improvement that will help them to develop as people.

Successful learning of mathematics within the International Baccalaureate

The practical and dynamic nature of this educational project at Casvi to successfully learn mathematics is closely related to the way we work in the International Baccalaureate. At Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School we have a IB Continuum Programmes. That is to say, we are accredited to offer the three programmes. PYP (in Pre-School and Primary Education). MYP (in ESO). And Diploma Programme (in Bachillerato). In Madrid there are only 4 schools offering the three programmes. In Spain, there are 12 in total.

All of them involve a constructivist work methodology based on the search for knowledge through enquiry, exploration and research, which allows learning to have no limits. This methodology also integrates the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Emotional Intelligence and Early Stimulation.

In this way, challenge and self-improvement are encouraged. In addition, many of these mathematical concepts are worked on in a transdisciplinary way in the different units of enquiry that are developed at all educational stages.

Successfully learning mathematics in English

The transdisciplinary nature of learning at Casvi, thanks to the International Baccalaureate methodology, means that learning mathematics successfully also takes place within the subject of English. Within this Casvi Educational Project, in order to acquire the spontaneity of the foreign language, what better than to participate in two educational contents. In the vocabulary and in the concepts that we are learning in the Spanish language. And among them, of course, are mathematics.

Why is it necessary to work on this subject from an early age?

Because this is the way to learn mathematics successfully.

  1. Also, because mathematics is present in everything around us.
  2. Because in everything around us, there are numbers, measurements, patterns and codes that we have to decipher.
  3. And finally, because temporal and spatial orientation are very important concepts, and both are worked on in the world of mathematics.