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Preparativos para los Exámenes de Trinity en E. Infantil en Casvi

Casvi Villaviciosa’s 2nd and 3rd year Pre-School pupils have achieved great results in Trinity’s GESE 1 and GESE 2 official certification English exams. These exams, which are internationally recognised and are focused on the development of communicative skills, show, together with the Cambridge exams, our school’s global commitment to the accreditation of the English language, within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In this way, and in conjunction with two prestigious institutions such as Trinity College London and Cambridge University, Casvi’s linguistic project, right from the first stages, allows us to officially certify the level of the English language through these external evaluations. This is achieved by working on the English language in a natural, motivating and practical way from the first year, with special emphasis on oral expression. Furthermore, we are an international school and multilingualism is an essential aspect of our educational project.

What have been the keys to this success in the Trinity test results and how are these tests integrated into our linguistic project? What are the benefits for the students? What are the main implications for later stages? What characterises the learning of this language at such an early age at Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi?

Nuestros alumnos se preparan y se examinan para conseguir los certificados de nivel de inglés en Casvi Villaviciosa

Keys to the great results of the Trinity exams in Casvi Villaviciosa

The fantastic results obtained in the Trinity tests are closely related to key aspects that identify the educational project of our school. The most important of these are our approach as an international school, the implementation of the International Baccalaureate methodology, the natural acquisition and practice of the English language from the earliest stages and the approach of the tests themselves, which is completely coherent with all of the above.

International Baccalaureate and lifelong language learning

Casvi Villaviciosa is one of the few schools in Spain to offer a continuum of International Baccalaureate Programmes; the Diploma Programme since the 2009-10 academic year and the PYP and MYP Programmes since the 2016-17 academic year.

Continuous language learning and acquisition is a fundamental aspect of the implementation of the IB Methodology. In fact, the aim is to train internationally minded young people, with an active learning attitude and capable of contributing to creating a better world, within the framework of intercultural respect and mutual understanding. The aim is to foster the development of their understanding, from the earliest stages, of the characteristics, processes and construction of language and also of the concept of culture. All of this and allows them to understand that there are different ways of seeing the world.

With the IB methodology from an early age, inquiring, expressing, representing and sharing are fundamental pillars for the acquisition of a series of values, skills, contents and multiple competences, essential for personal, emotional and professional development in a globalised world. Furthermore, our experience in the implementation of the IB methodology has been recognised by the prestigious academic advisors “IB Educations Advisors LTD” by including us in the list of the best IB Schools in Europe. Thanks also to this experience, all our pupils, from Year 1, can familiarise themselves with the different communication skills, because we attach fundamental importance to the development of oral expression, also in English.

Aprendizaje de Inglés desde edades tempranas en Casvi Villaviciosa

English integrated into daily activity

The IB’s international methodology encourages English to be present at all times in our students’ school life. Spontaneously learning and acquiring this language, from an early age, allows them to explore and express themselves. Unconsciously, many of the communication skills that our pupils acquire are due to the acquisition of a second language. They naturally practice it, not only in class, but also at recess, in the dining room… in all those activities they carry out to communicate with teachers, but also with their own classmates.

Celebración del Día de los Abuelos en Casvi Villaviciosa

Early language immersion and Trinity tests

Their immersion in English from the first year of life also allows our pupils to learn English phonetics on an individual basis; to participate in individual workshops to acquire reading skills; to learn to write in English; and from the second year of Pre-School onwards to take the Trinity exams, which are something very new to them.

The approach of these official certification tests is also coherent with the focus of the Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School on the acquisition and natural practice of this language. The tests consist of establishing a short dialogue with someone who is not their usual ‘teacher’ but a native examiner. “It is an opportunity for everyone. Not only for those who stand out,” says Ana de la Calle, coordinator of Infant Education at our school.

Preparativos para los Exámenes de Trinity en E. Infantil en Casvi

Keys to the great results of the Trinity exams in Casvi Villaviciosa

Thanks to these Trinity exams of official certification in English, again in the words of our stage coordinator Ana de la Calle, “we have found that the pupils of the Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi have a very good command of the English language at a very important comprehension level. In fact, they have been demonstrating this since they were very young. We have also seen that they already have the ability to answer questions simultaneously”.

“It is a very positive experience that is not done with the grade in mind, but with the enriching opportunity that is presented to them”, concludes the Infant Education coordinator.

Finally, the opportunity to take these official Trinity College tests allows us to reach these conclusions: