Grandparents’ Day

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Día de los Abuelos en el Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi

Although this year we have not been able to celebrate it as we usually do, with our typical  “chocolate with churros” and with the outstanding performances carried out by our students in the sports hall, Casvi has done it in a very innovative way: by using ICT.

Therefore, and due to the pandemic, Grandparents’ Day this year has been celebrated online. The school’s community wanted to show the kindergarteners’ affection to all grandparents by recording a video (full of memories, feelings and love), in which they are the main protagonists. In addition, it has helped promote many skills and aptitudes, which are the cornerstone of the IB methodology.

Take a peek!



The whole video can be seen in OUR INTRANET.