A different kind of Christmas at Casvi

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Covid-19 has prevented us from celebrating Christmas the way we normally do. But thanks to new technology, and the involvement of all the teachers, they have made it possible for the celebrations to look very similar.

Because of our teachers’ hard work and efforts, our students have been able to enjoy (online) “The Christmas Carol Competition” with traditional stories from Papa Noel, coming directly from his home in the North Pole. Another fun Christmas activity will be a Christmas concert also online. Additionally, students in primary have done a variety of different arts and crafts in order to still celebrate the holiday: they became chefs and baked delicious cookies, and of course they delivered their cards to the Three Kings, making sure to maintain the appropriate distance and security.



Let’s not forget that we also have to add another winner to the awards ceremony, for the XXXV Casvi Christmas Card Contest. This year’s winner is Megan Cecilia Mallo Fernández, a student from 6th of primary.



Ganadora del Concurso de Recetas Navideñas del Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi


Congratulations to her and Merry Christmas to all!