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Sexta edición del Concurso de Creatividad Casvi

“Lightning of Happiness” is the name under which a new edition of our traditional Casvi Creativity Contest will take place. The writer Herman Hesse once said it.

“Happiness is a form; it is not a what. It is a talent, not an object”.

That is why happiness, as an emotion and a feeling, will be the main theme of all the works submitted by the members of the Casvi Educational Community. But what is the aim of this competition, what is the deadline for submitting entries and what disciplines can you enter?

Purpose of the VI Casvi Creativity Contest

Aimed at pupils, parents, teachers and former pupils, with this 6th Creativity Competition we would like to invite you to look inside yourself to find out what little everyday things bring you happiness. “It’s not about building big dreams or designing fantastic plans for the future. It is much more elementary: the good morning kiss, a laugh with your friends, admiring a landscape, a beloved object that brings back memories, a sunny day, a colour that moves you… The little flashes of happiness that activate us every day, so many details that, in the rush of our daily chores, go unnoticed. The most basic but the most essential”, says César Ruiz, Visual Arts teacher at Casvi.

The disciplines in which you can participate are the following:

  1. Handicrafts (Only for Infant School pupils)
  2. Painting
  3. Sculpture
  4. Photography, Photo Editing and Infographic Drawing
  5. Video
  6. Music
  7. Literature (Poetry)

Entries must be submitted by 8 April at the latest.

School of Arts in Casvi

At Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School it is vitally important to detect the talent of our pupils, whatever type of talent they may have. For this reason, we have been pioneers in promoting artistic education, placing it on the same level of academic importance as other subjects.

Encouraging the creativity of our pupils is the most effective strategy to promote creative thinking and help them to solve problems in the future. This is the basis of the International Baccalaureate methodology implemented in our school. In this way, skills and abilities are generated and strengthened which can be applied to other disciplines, or even to their future professional career.

That is why the teaching of artistic disciplines goes beyond school hours. For those who want to study them in depth, there is our SCHOOL OF ARTS where, as an extracurricular activity, we encourage the learning of different disciplines: painting, sculpture, music, theatre…