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School Bus Service

It is quite common at our school for many parents that live in other areas to choose us for the education of their children. In order to make the transfers easier for them, we offer different bus routes.

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School Canteens

The meals, based on the Mediterranean diet, are designed by nutritional experts and cooked in our kitchen by our staff. Cooks are continually given training courses to this end.

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Extended timetable

Families that have need of this service can take advantage of the extended hours available both in the morning and the afternoon. This service is totally free.

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Homestay with families from Euroschool Casvi, through an exhaustive selection process for maximum possible affinity.

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Stay in our female and male residences, located on our Tres Cantos campus, attended by educators all the time. Internal transfer between both campuses. 

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Travel and Events

We organise many activities that help us to stimulate the development of skills that are very necessary to confront the globalised society of the future, expand their knowledge and acquire values that will make them better people.

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Our Values & Objectives

‘Creating a school equipped with all resources required to provide the highest quality of education.’ This was the claim of the first advertising for the school in 1985, the year of its founding. And this has been our main mission since that day.

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Teaching Team

There has been great growth since 1985, always based on our vision that a school based on excellence is created by an excellent team of teachers defined by stability, excellent training and commitment.

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Quality Teaching

This concept of quality has progressively evolved to what it means to us today: the ability to adapt to the needs of society and of our students and the search for continuous improvement.

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Casvi Foundation

In 2006 the foundations were laid for the founding of the Casvi Foundation. Its aim is to involve our entire educational community in doing works for the common good, aimed at favouring the poorest sectors of society, both in Spain and internationally.

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Upcoming Events

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Non-school day

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Reappear Test

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Submission of the grades

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