Club Baloncesto Casvi starts the season

Comienza la temporada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi

Club Baloncesto Casvi has kicked off the competition. It has done so, as always, aspiring to the maximum. Both the teams of the Basketball School and the federated teams. So far the vibes are good. No wonder. Our senior boys, in the preseason, were champions of the National Basketball Tournament La Muela, in Zaragoza. Organized by Frivalca Baloncesto La Muela and the City Council of La Muela, our senior team won the final against the local team in a great game of both. Congratulations!

In addition to our team, Club Baloncesto La Muela, Old School Basket Zaragoza and C.B. Octavus participated.
Club Baloncesto Casvi ganador de un Torneo de Baloncesto

The youngest members of the Casvi Basketball Club, fry and mixed children, together with the Casvi Basketball School, have also been in action. They have done so by starting training in our sports pavilion.

First results of Club Baloncesto Casvi

1st Autonomous Gold Division

Our senior team made its debut with a victory in this new season. The victory came after a providential comeback in the last quarter. (Eurocolegio Casvi 80 – 68 Liceo Francés).

Junior Male Preferente

Great start as a visitor of the new course for our Junior Preferente. Our success in attack, with points very well distributed, as well as a good defense, were the key. (Cesur Distrito Olímpico San Blas 38 – 80 Eurocolegio Casvi).

Junior Male First Year

Our first year junior could not take the victory in the city of Cervantes, against a much superior Alcalá. Injury-related absences were decisive in the outcome. (Ricopa Funbal Alcalá CBJA 86 – 53 Casvi).


The Casvi Basketball Club leads the sports activity of our school. A sports specialty that began to be practiced in the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi from the very moment of its foundation. This happened in 1985.

Within its history, and as a milestone, we can highlight the promotion of our senior team to the EBA League on May 25, 2008. It remained in this category for 10 consecutive seasons. It now plays in 1st Autonomous Division.

So it is not surprising that in the Casvi Basketball Club everyone has the dream of moving up to the first team and to rub shoulders with the best players in Spanish basketball.

Hence the importance of our Basketball School. A school that brings together different federated and non-federated teams.. It is made up of about 120 players of all ages.

In addition, our quarry has formed great players who, after their time at Club Baloncesto Casvi, have played in ACB League teams. We are referring to Andrés Miso, Tyson and Juan José García. They have also done so in LEB Gold (Fernando Sierra, Junior and Sergio Jiménez). Or in LEB Plata (Alfonso Ortiz, also an alumnus of Eurocolegio Casvi).

They were joined by Guim Expósito, who made the jump from Club Baloncesto Casvi to the Swedish 1st Division. Without forgetting Rafael Serrano, ACB referee, former player of our youth team.

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