Our Language Exchange Program continues: On the Road to Canada

Students from Colegio Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi and Colegio Concertado Casvi Boadilla are on their way to Winnipeg, Canada. The objective is to participate in a new cultural experience within the framework of the Linguistic Exchange Program of Grupo Educativo Casvi. A student exchange will take place with students from the Louis Riel School located in this Canadian city. A prestigious educational institution that offers our 3rd and 4th Secondary students a 6-week experience, also vital, in an academic environment of excellence, with linguistic immersion programs in English and French.

It should be remembered that a group of students from the Louis Riel School has already been in our school, experiencing the same linguistic exchange that our students will now experience.

In this video they tell us about their time at Casvi. They are accompanied by other students who have had the same cultural experience. It is they, along with the coordinator of our Exchange programs, who tell us about its benefits.


Winnipeg, as a student exchange destination, gives Casvi Villaviciosa and Casvi Boadilla students the opportunity to learn a new language and experience cultural diversity. But also, to enjoy attractions such as the historic Forks National Historic Site. The inspiring Human Rights Museum. And the natural beauty of Assiniboine Park.

In this way, students who are traveling to Winnipeg will be able to explore the historic Forks National Historic Site. There, you will enjoy its lively outdoor atmosphere. And, of course, you will discover the rich history of the region.

Visiting the inspiring Human Rights Museum will give them a unique perspective on the importance of values and equality.

Winnipeg also offers a vibrant arts and cultural scene, with art galleries, theaters and festivals. Activities that will allow students to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of the city.


Canada is home to a wide variety of ethnic groups and cultures, which enriches society and provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and appreciate different perspectives with a unique cultural diversity. Canadians value peaceful coexistence, collaboration and mutual respect, promoting a sense of community and teamwork.

Another of the main advantages of the exchange at Louis Riel College is the total immersion in the foreign language. All classes are taught in English or French, providing Casvi students with a valuable opportunity to hone their language skills in an authentic environment. This immersive approach allows them to practice and develop their language skills in a natural way.


At Grupo Educativo Casvi, we are aware that we live in a globalized world and that it is essential to prepare our students. The objective is to function in an international and multicultural environment.

Our Language Exchange Program offers an enriching and transformative experience. Thanks to it, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture. Improve your language skills. And develop an open and global mindset. Essential experiences for their personal and academic growth.

These are the foreign exchanges that make up this program:

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