All students who want to face the 21st century with confidence are living in a an interconnected, diverse and ever-changing world. This complex environment presents an opportunity, but also a challenge. The international curriculum, multilingualism, being a school with language exchanges, commitment to service learning, and an international faculty and student body are the tools that facilitate this international education.


We are a school with exchanges. This makes it easier for us to respond to the need for our students to benefit from an intercultural and international education. For this reason, our Language Exchange Program plays an important role. Which are the destinations? How long do they last? Who can participate in them? What are their benfits?

The ability to analyze global and cross-cultural issues is a must. Today’s students will be the decision makers in the globalized society of the future. They will meet and experience different realities, societies and opportunities. And to do this successfully, one of the main tools they need is a command of different languages. In short, plurilingualism.

At International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi, three languages are studied as curricular subjects. English from the first year of life; and German and Chinese from the age of 10.

In this way, the development of this Language Exchange Program has been consolidated in Casvi as a necessary practice to complete the integral formation of the students. As a school with exchanges, they are organized without any intermediary agency, through direct contact with schools around the world.

Destination of our language exchanges

Casvi Villaviciosa


As an exchange school, all students can participate in our Language Exchange Program if they wish to do so, from the age of 10 up to and including Baccalaureate. A whole life experience with several destinations.


United States: Oklahoma, Minnesota, Virgin Islands… Two months long, our students from 5th grade Primary School to 4th ESO participate.

Canada. It lasts 6 weeks and our 2nd and 3rd Secondary School students participate in it.


In recent years several framework agreements have been signed with several schools in China.


As a school with exchanges each one os this exchanges will be a totally different experience. But what they all agree on is that it is a totally enriching experience for families, students and for the rest of the Educational Community of the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi. There are different reasons:


They reinforce the learning of a foreign language, as well as the history and culture of other countries.

Autonomy and adaptation

A broader perspective of the world is acquired. Autonomy is experienced and adaptability is practiced.


They develop values such as tolerance, cultural identity and respect for other cultures.


They stimulate self-esteem, self-confidence and maturity.

OECD Strategy

They orient education towards basic life skills as established by the OECD strategy.

Different cultures

And they allow to value different perspectives, based on the interrelation with people from different cultures.




Internationality at Casvi infers a global competence where cultural exchange, recognition of diversity, acceptance and mutual respect make up our DNA. Life in a school with exchanges such as Casvi is an experience that transforms the lives of our students without a doubt.

Students come to Casvi from different countries: China, Venezuela, Russia, USA, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Honduras… And each one of them has a personal story to tell.


"I was born and lived in the US most of my life. We moved back three years ago for my parents' jobs and to be with family again. The change was great. The teachers helped me a lot to catch up with the subjects and to speak Spanish better. Also, I like the way of working here much better. In class we learn everything by playing. Living in two different countries has given me confidence, new learning, including languages... I recommend it because this way you can learn different cultures".


"Although I was born in the Dominican Republic, I have been living in Dubai for some years. Here in Spain, although you start from zero and it is difficult at the beginning, I have adapted very well to my new life here because all my colleagues are open-minded and welcome new people very well. They are always respectful with me. The teachers are also looking out for me and constantly ask me if I have questions".


"I have been living in Spain since 3rd grade Primary School. My adaptation was good because I had the ability to learn everything quickly. Also because my classmates were very kind to me. It is true that in Spain people, in general, are very open. I also love studying at Casvi. I never get bored. That's why I chose to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The classes are very practical. The important thing is to know how to apply theory to real life and I like that.


In the case that our international students arrive at Casvi without their families, they are offered two housing options:


Stay in our female and male residences, located in our Casvi Tres Cantos campus, attended at all times by educators. Internal transfer between both campuses. All this on a full board basis. In addition to the activities inherent to the school year itself, life at the Casvi International American School Residence offers a wide variety of fun and interesting social and cultural activities.


Homestay with families from our school, through an exhaustive selection process for maximum affinity.

Residencia en Casvi International American School

Two life experiences, two great emotions in Spain.

Alumnos internacionales de Casvi Villaviciosa con sus familias.


As an exchange school, it goes without saying that studying abroad has many advantages. These are the six most important reasons why it is so important to embark on an international student experience:


Living a new adventure that takes us into the unknown A circumstance that stimulates the brain broadens horizons and gives them new resources to face reality.


Learn to be self-sufficient by fulfilling the obligations you assume. Understanding the new rules that surround you will be one of your greatest learnings.

New cultures and languages

Learn another language and be able to communicate in another language in your day-to-day international experience. Besides, getting to know another culture is the best way to broaden your horizons.


Acquire new skills and develop very useful competencies to succeed in the 21st century job market: flexibility, ability to adapt and manage uncertainty...


The educational quality of an international school like Casvi is also marked by a totally international teaching staff. This does not mean that it is made up exclusively of foreigners, but rather that they are trained within this mentality. A circumstance that will allow them to do the same with their students.

Profesores Internacionales en el Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi


We are an examination center of the University of Cambridge. We are also an examination center of the Goethe Institute and we offer our students the possibility to take the Chinese exams of the Confucius Institute (YCT).

We also encourage the option of taking the Trinity GESE1 and GESE2 exams from the age of four.

As a school with linguistic exchanges and an evident internationality on a daily basis, we consider that these foreign language exams, of official and international recognition, accredit the specific skills acquired by our students. They are used by the school as external references to support a work focused on the constant improvement of teaching and learning.

Exámenes de Trinity como exámenes externos de idiomas para los alumnos de E. Infantil en Casvi Villaviciosa

Students, whether they take the exams or not, receive preparation in their daily classes and support classes, focused on familiarizing them with the formats of the different exams, as well as with the most appropriate strategies for answering the different types of questions.

But our students are not only prepared for these official exams. In Baccalaureate, we also provide them with the necessary knowledge to take the IELTS exam, which also evaluates all English skills, and which is accepted as proof of English proficiency in university studies and in global migration.

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