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International Baccalaureate (DP)

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is recognised throughout the world and opens the doors to the best universities in the world. And that is where our students want to go. A very high percentage achieve this owing to the average entry score they get (THIS YEAR IS 34.9, HIGHER THAN THE WORLD AND SPANISH AVERAGE).

Many Casvi students decide to study at universities outside of our countryLondon School of Economics, University of Bristol, University of Derby (Great Britain) and VIA University College in Herning (Denmark) are just a few examples.

However, what truly motivates them to follow this programme is its international dimension and prestige, its academic excellence, the social involvement fostered among students, the development of their critical and analytical abilities, as well as valuing and learning a wide diversity of thought processes.

The most characteristic feature of the Casvi DP is the practical nature of all the subjects.  They all demand research projects similar to those they will later have to do at university, with academic and scientific rigour and an extremely high level of written expression.

Experimento en el aula de los alumnos del Programa Diploma de Bachillerato Internacional en Casvi


To obtain the diploma, our students must pass six subjects from among those included in these six groups: Language and Literature, Foreign Language, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics and IT and the Arts.

Open Curriculum

However the curriculum is very open at Casvi. Our students are the ones who select it depending on where they want to go at university. If they want to study abroad, they can even do the programme in English.

Word Papers & Projects

They must also write an extended 4000 word paper, tutored by a teacher specialising in the subject in question; take a 100 hour course on the theory of knowledge, aimed at fostering critical thought on knowledge and experience, and creativity, activity and service projects (CAS).

Special Classes

At Casvi we prepare them with special classes. And we do not only maximise their learning ability, we also teach them how to do work experience, tackle writing a paper or making a presentation… 

To this end, we have trained our teachers with national and international courses, so we can offer every guarantee of success on the DP.

English is taught at four different levelsin small groups, with special attention give to oral expression, which is always taught by a native teacher.

This methodology makes it possible for our Baccalaureate students, due to having very high levels in this language, to sit the exams for the highest levels issued by University of Cambridge: Advanced and/or Proficiency.

Finally, it merits mention that at Casvi, the students in the Diploma Programme are also taught, as an extracurricular assignment, Technical Drawing and ICTs (information and communication technologies). The objective is to improve their educations for future entry to university.

Actividad solidaria con Cáritas de los alumnos del Programa Diploma de Bachillerato Internacional en Casvi

Enrolments 2022/2023 Open

Average Entry Grade: 11.72

Our Admissions Team is at your disposal to guide you at all times with personalised attention.

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