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Merely being bilingual has become obsolete. Our students’ education must be international, as promoted in the International Baccalaureate curriculum. And precisely to foster this international scope and nature, our main tool is via teaching three foreign languages: English, German and Chinese.

ENGLISH is taught from year 1, with eminently practical classes in which oral and written comprehension and expression are the main priorities, and special stress placed on spontaneity in the foreign language.

Pupils work in small groups, broken into levels in Middle School and Baccalaureate (four in total) and using the most innovative teaching methods.

This is the case of Jolly Phonics, employed in Preschool and Primary to foster natural learning of the letters and sounds in English.

The English teaching methodology at Casvi makes it possible for our Baccalaureate students, due to having very high levels in this language, to sit the exams for the highest levels of the University of Cambridge exams: Advanced and/or Proficiency.

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