Awarding of diplomas to the graduates of the Diploma Programme (IB) in Casvi Villaviciosa for the 2022-23 academic year.

Alumnos de Programa Diploma en Casvi Villaviciosa

Once again this year, the best news came at the beginning of the summer. The good results of the students who attended the Diploma Programme (IB) in Casvi Villaviciosa. Once again, the average score obtained by them (31.76) is higher than the world average (30.24). The other good news has come with the month of September. The awarding of diplomas for our latest graduates of the Diploma Programme (International Baccalaureate).

These are some of the best images of this award ceremony for the graduates of the Diploma Programme (IB) in Casvi Villaviciosa.


Not so long ago, the International Baccalaureate was reserved for the best students. Currently, thanks to the continuum of IB Programs ( PYP, MYP and DP) that we have in Casvi, we offer all our students from the age of 3 years old, a methodology that allows us to increase the percentage of students who can access this brilliant curriculum.

Thanks to this transdisciplinary, international and intercultural learning, students are encouraged to achieve their academic and personal goals, which leads them not only to excel in their studies, but also in their personal growth.

In order to teach them, schools must obtain the proper authorization. When a school receives the authorization to offer the IB programs, it is called “IB World School”. Casvi Villaviciosa, in fact, has been recognized among the top 100 IB Schools in Europe by the prestigious academic advisors “IB Educations Advisors LTD”.

Alumnos de Programa Diploma en Casvi Villaviciosa


From the first years of learning, the different IB Programs benefit our students in the following ways:

  1. Preparing them for life by confronting them with real challenges and situations from an early age.
  2. Offering them an individualized education.
  3. Stimulating their curiosity for research.
  4. Encouraging them to think completely independently.
  5. Encouraging them to be the drivers of their own learning, fostering critical thinking and self-discipline. Both circumstances will help them to be prepared for the future as adults.
  6. And finally, helping them become more aware of cultural differences by learning new languages. This makes it easier for them to relate to others in a more globalized and constantly changing world.

The achievement of this prestigious Diploma Program (IB) opens the doors to the best universities in the world. This is where our students fulfill their dreams. Grand Valley State University or Clarke University (USA), EHL (Switzerland), University of Glasgow or Kingston University London (UK), University of Maastrich (The Netherlands)… These are some of the universities that will be the destination, this coming academic year, of our recently graduated students.

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