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At Eurocolegio Casvi Private International School we have always adapted to society’s new and emerging needs and its new challenges, so that our students are educated forward thinking for the future. Our management team travels round the world to bring our school the latest educational innovations. This has happened with the online classes offered during the quarantine situation.


That is why we have always been pioneers in the introduction of new educational methods and tools that favour our students’ acquisition of knowledge.

Educational Innovation

In recent years, we have introduced new teaching methods, such as implementing the three programmes of the International Baccalaureate Foundation (IB): PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme) and DP (Diploma Programme).

All of them involve a constructivist working methodology based on the search for knowledge through inquiry, exploration and investigation, which makes unlimited and unbounded learning possible. This methodology also integrates Multiple Intelligences Theory, Emotional Intelligence and Early Childhood Stimulation.

There are only four schools in the entire Community of Madrid that offer all three programmes and,  in Spain, a total of 12.

English Language Learning

For English language learning, the Jolly Phonics Method is used, qualitatively improving the youngest students’ start in this language.

Teaching Reading & Mathematics

We have an innovative project for teaching reading and mathematics. From the age of 3, students discover both worlds via this creative project in which language is valued as an instrument for oral communication and understanding reality.

This stimulates their neurological development, where special focus is placed on hands on work, observation and experimentation based on play and fun. This assures that they acquire learning strategies that will help them to resolve problems in daily life, being reflective at all times and improving in ways that will help them to grow and develop as people.

Technological Innovation


New Technologies

We have been the first school to introduce new technologies in classroom routines, with a great benefit to academic performance. Interactive and touch boards, computers and video projectors in classrooms…


Use Of iPads

However, the use of iPads is at the forefront as a tool for searching for knowledge. We were pioneers in introducing them in classrooms. Starting in year 5 of Primary, each of our students has their own in class.  And, most importantly, they contain their digital textbooks that were created by school teachers themselves. This is unique among all Spanish schools.


Tablets In Preschool

In Preschool they have also started to use tablets in class so that their learning is maximised using both our own applications and external ones.



We were also forerunners in developing an Intranet as a communication resource among teachers, parents and students, now available on a mobile app. This ensures that communications are even faster and more effective.


Technology, Programming and Robotics

Starting in year 1 of Primary, the subject ‘Technology, Programming and Robotics’ has been introduced, so that our students develop and expand their technological competences from the earliest years and until they join the workforce.


Graphic Adventures

Finally, we were also the first to start up a department to create graphic adventures. A total of 35 have been created through today.  They contain different educational contents for Preschool and Primary School. Meriting mention among them is ‘Gartu at Kindergarten’ which, in addition to being used in class, is sold on the App Store in 200 countries. 

This wonderful app was recognised outside the school walls with the FICOD Award for Innovation in 2008.

Our Values & Objectives

‘Creating a school equipped with all resources required to provide the highest quality of education.’ This was the claim of the first advertising for the school in 1985, the year of its founding. And this has been our main mission since that day.

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Teaching Team

There has been great growth since 1985, always based on our vision that a school based on excellence is created by an excellent team of teachers defined by stability, excellent training and commitment.

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Quality Teaching

This concept of quality has progressively evolved to what it means to us today: the ability to adapt to the needs of society and of our students and the search for continuous improvement.

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Casvi Foundation

In 2006 the foundations were laid for the founding of the Casvi Foundation. Its aim is to involve our entire educational community in doing works for the common good, aimed at favouring the poorest sectors of society, both in Spain and internationally.

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