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Private, coeducational center since 1985.

Educational Offer

Quality education at all levels.

Sports & Culture

Encourage talent of any kind.


Comprehensive education outside school hours.

Enrollment 2021/2022 Open

Average access grade: 11.72

Online or in person, we only know how to do one thing well, always give the best possible education to your children.

Our history

We are a private mixed-sex school that was founded in 1985, when Mr Juan Yagüe—after 24 years devoted to education—made his biggest dream come true: the opening of the Eurocolegio Casvi Private International School.

Two others have been added to the first: the Eurocolegio Casvi School, state-subsidised private, in Boadilla del Monte (2005) and Casvi International American School in Tres Cantos (2017).

Our Values & Objectives

“To make a school equipped with all the means to provide quality education”This was the first advertisement of the school in 1985, the year of its foundation. And that has been our main mission ever since.

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Teaching Team

There has been great growth since 1985, always based on our vision that a school based on excellence is created by an excellent team of teachers defined by stability, training and commitment.

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Quality education

The concept of quality has gradually evolved to what it means to us now: the ability to adapt to the needs of society and our students; the search for continuous improvement.

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Casvi Foundation

Since 2006, the foundations were laid for the birth of the Casvi Foundation. With it, we intend to involve our entire Educational Community to carry out works of common good, aimed at favoring the poorest sectors of society, both nationally and internationally.

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News & Announcements

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A hundred percent passed!

All the students of our school who have taken the final exams of the Diploma Programme (IB), as well as those who have taken the EvAU, have passed. Congratulations! You can find all the information HERE.
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First day(s) of school instructions year 2021-2022

Instructions about the beginning of the next academic year in our school.
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How to evaluate the Educational Quality of an International School?

The factor of internationalization in a school is no longer the plus of previous times, but a necessity within the society in which we develop. Casvi students will be the ones who will make the decisions in the globalized society of the future. A society in which they will find different realities, different societies and...
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Thank you!!!

It has been a complicated year. Having just started the second wave of Covid-19, we faced the challenge of starting a new course being fully prepared for any scenario: online classes, face-to-face classes, and even the combination of both options, as it has happened. The experience of the previous course enabled us to face it...
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Awakening passions for music

From Casvi we have achieved it with the drum master class by professional musician Mario Fuentes.He and our music teacher, Andrés García, had it clear. With this master class they sought to arouse curiosity for music and, above all, for an instrument, the drums. The most instinctive of all, they both say, and the one...
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PEP Projects (IB)

Our 6th grade students have released their final exhibition of PEP projects. For the second consecutive year, and due to the pandemic situation we live in because of the Covid-19, they have done it online through videos that leave no one indifferent and demonstrate the excellent work of inquiry they have done to carry them...
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Casvi Video

On our YouTube channel you can find a multitude of videos about our facilities, online classes, our foundation, camps, art & sport, educational offerings, parties, events and much more.





Our educational offer

Casvi is among the few schools in Spain that have all three IB Programmes implemented. We have the opportunity to shape the IB attributes at the age of 3. From this moment on, we develop different learning and teaching approaches that, throughout the PYP and MYP programmes, turn our students into brilliant candidates to take the challenging DP (Diploma Programme).

Thanks to this commitment or Eurocolegio Casvi with the IB Continuum, we achieve the appropriate coherence and coordination to offer high quality education.

Internationality and Exchanges

Having a global mindset is key in today’s society. Casvi is very aware of this. Hence, it has opened doors to that international mentality through the introduction of different methodological tools: International Educational project: International Baccalaureate with its three programs; multilingualism (three foreign languages are taught: English, German and Chinese); and Languages Exchanges with different schools worldwide.

This attracts students from different nationalities who want to live first hand a linguistic and cultural experience at our school. Their interaction with our students is a cornerstone of our educational model.

TPR Department

Our main objective is to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers and assist in our students’ professional development. We also foster their technological competence from the earliest years and until they join the workforce.

And we do this based on Robotics and next generation programming languages used in the real job world, which we have been pioneers in introducing into our school curriculum during Kindergarten.

Counselling Department

Our objective is to draw out the very best of all our students and take them as high as they want to go. Doing everything possible so that they achieve their educational goals and can handle university or work life with all the skills needed to do it well.

That is the importance of our Counselling Department and all the tools we make available to students, parents and teachers so that their time at Casvi is successful.

The department is made up of psychologists, educators, education psychologists and specialists in education, hearing and language.

Online Classes

The best possible education, whatever happens

Thanks to our different organizational systems, communication management and cooperative work, students were still able to attend classes online following their normal schedule.

The beginning of school in September forced us to face different situations: face-to-face classes, online classes, and a hybrid method. From our past experiences, teachers and students alike have shown how prepared they are for any type of classroom learning, whether it’s face-to-face, online, or a combination of those two.

Interview with the principal

Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of the Casvi Group of Schools wanted to talk to us, on this occasion, about the aftermath of confinement in educational and family environments; the digital transformation that it has caused; and the great opportunities that have appeared.

Upcoming events


Reunión de profesores

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Parents-Teachers Meeting

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Casvi Newsletter

Keep up to date with all the news from our educational centers.

Sports & Culture

Equipo junior del Club Baloncesto Casvi

Sport Clubs

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, or ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ would be our slogan with regard to our concept of sports at Casvi.

This Latin phrase fits within the context of Greek philosophy on cultivating the mind, the body and the soul to reach balance


In order to achieve it, at Casvi we encourage playing sports, both during and outside of the school day.

School of Arts

It is vitally important to us to detect our students’ talents and abilities, of whatever type they may be. This is why at Casvi we have been pioneers in implementing art studies, putting them at the same level of academic importance as other subjects.

Fostering our students’ creativity is the most effective strategy for promoting creative thought and helping them resolve problems in the future.

Extracurricular Activities

Our objective is always the comprehensive and well-rounded education of our students. For this reason, the education we provide at Eurocolegio Casvi does not end when classes and the school day are over. We organise many activities that help us to stimulate the development of skills that are very necessary to confront the globalised society of the future, expand their knowledge and acquire values that will make them better people. 

Additional Services

Our objective is always the comprehensive and well-rounded education of our students. For this reason, the education we provide at Eurocolegio Casvi does not end when classes and the school day are over. 

We organise many activities that help us to stimulate the development of skills that are very necessary to confront the globalised society of the future, expand their knowledge and acquire values that will make them better people.

School Bus Service

Dining room

Extended Hours

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Casvi Football Academy

Meet us in the field

Aimed at players between the ages of 12 and 16 from all over the world, who are selected through an internal admission process.
Our own methodology is developed based on the sporting experience of the academy director and the coaches that make up the technical staff, who have played in Spanish First Division teams and have been part of the coaching staff of professional soccer teams.