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This is the key stage culminating our students’ academic educations so that they head on to university with the best marks and guarantees of success. (AVERAGE SCORE FOR UNIVERSITY ENTRY: 11.72).

Academic Educations

All of this is possible because of the resources we make available to them:

  • Remedial and reinforcement classeswith their own teachers outside of school hours.
  • And with totally personalised attention from their tutors, who are selected by the students. They accompany them both in years 1 and 2, advising, guiding and helping them, talking to their families and assuring that this extra work is beneficial, which is extremely favourable with regard to students getting better marks.   
Profesora de Casvi dando clases personalizadas a los alumnos de Casvi
Exposición oral de su trabajo de una alumna de Bachillerato de Casvi dentro de la metodología del Bachillerato Internacional
Alumna de Bachillerato recibiendo el premio a la Matricula de Honor en Casvi


English is taught in four different levels, in small groups, with special attention give to oral expression, which is always taught by a native teacher. This methodology makes it possible for our Baccalaureate students, due to having very high levels in this language, to sit the exams for the highest levels of the University of Cambridge exams: Advanced and/or Proficiency.

German Classes

English is complemented by German classes, two days a week, for those who want to continue studying this language, which is offered at Casvi from year 5 of Primary.

Information and Communication Technologies

In years 1 and 2 of Baccalaureate, Information and Communication Technologies will convert our students into expert web application developers.  They program in professional development environments and learn to configure typical requirements, such as Apache servers, PHP, FTP clients and web language editors.

University Guidance and Counselling

Orientación vocacional para los alumnos de Casvi de Bachillerato

Lastly, university guidance and counselling is continuous in these last two years for all our students. This is done via personal interviews and also at a university fair, which brings a good majority of universities to our school, both regional public and private universities and foreign ones. 

There is nothing better than students being able to discover their vocations early and, consequently, their university future, so that they come to class motivated and ready to learn.  This guidance and counselling is thus on offer from year 1 of Middle School.

Alumnos de la asignatura de Tic fabricando un medidor de ozono para las aulas de Casvi

Enrolments 2022/2023 Open

Average Entry Grade: 11.72

Our Admissions Team is at your disposal to guide you at all times with personalised attention.

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