Get the last places! Extracurricular activities program 2023-2024

Actividades extraescolares en el Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi

The program of extracurricular activities 2023-2024 in Casvi Villaviciosa has been launched. And they have done so with a new offer and a new catalog. There are still places available in some activities. This is the case for the Theater School, the Dance School, the Basketball School, the Swimming School, the Music School and for yoga. The registration period for these disciplines is still open.

Here you can consult the complete catalog and learn all the details that will allow you to choose the activities that best suit the preferences and aptitudes of your children.


For us it is essential to offer you each year a greater variety of extracurricular activities, which complement the comprehensive education received at school and meet our highest quality standards.

It is also vitally important to detect the talent of our students, whatever type it may be.

There are many benefits to doing an activity at school after a school day. But what stands out most is that in doing so we continue to foster the attributes of the International Baccalaureate. We produce students who are bold, inquiring, caring, open-minded, informed and educated, thinkers, good communicators, well-rounded, balanced and reflective. In addition to these, depending on the chosen activity, many other benefits will be added.

Fiesta de Fin de Curso del Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi

Hence this new catalog of Extracurriculars Course 2023-24 in Casvi Villaviciosa that seeks a series of objectives closely linked to our methodology of work in the classroom, the methodology of the International Baccalaureate (IB) with its three programs ( PYP, MYP and DP).

  • Develop their ability to socialize.
  • Work on creativity and imagination and stimulate their logical thinking.
  • They promote values such as teamwork and fellowship.
  • To promote critical thinking, communication, self-esteem, learning values, concentration, coordination and the use of the senses.
  • Generate and foster skills and abilities that can be applied to other disciplines, and even to your future career.

This new catalog of extracurricular activities for the 2022-23 academic year also aims to respond to the motivation of each of our students and to the most diverse preferences:

  1. In the first place, artistic disciplines: Art School, Music School, Theater School, Dance School…
  2. Secondly, sports disciplines: Basketball School, Swimming School, Soccer School…
  3. Finally, technological disciplines.



What do parents need to consider when choosing extracurricular activities for their children? All experts recommend the same thing: the choice should always be made in consultation with the child’s opinion. But it is also important to choose the one that optimizes their development and training. For this reason, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the child and his or her character.

Actividades extraescolares en Casvi Villaviciosa

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