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Reinforcement Program

To foster the very best of all our students and take them as far as possible, at Eurocolegio Casvi we work with these tools:

Remedial and reinforcement classes, in group or individual, depending on the needs existing and adapted to each educational stage.

Directed study for Middle School students, who need more individual support outside the classroom.

Tutoring. Family-school interaction and communication is considered essential, especially for those students who require more monitoring.

Reading promotion plan for primary students who need to strengthen and improve their reading skills.

Additional classes both in Spanish and their mother languages for international students.

Programas de apoyo en las aulas del Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi

The school also adopts inclusion methods for students with special educational needs who present learning or speech difficulties, medical illnesses or for gifted students, among others.

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